captains log 0100

poster sale info: looks like all my ducks are lining up and my fantastic mr fox print is going on sale this week. i know, i know, i'm a bit late to the party, but as they say in canada, better late than never. i'll also have some other smaller items for you to turn your nose up at.

so, mailing listers, expect an email and you'll get the news as i send it out. thanks.

captains log 0099

alright alright alriggght, hope alls good. i got to thinking, its kinda a big week with a lot of people's families, plus some sort of shopping event on friday that people participate in, so i'd rather not add to the madness with a sale. so if you're on my mailing list, you'll get an email ahead of time, before the sale, which won't be happening this week.

last handbills sale update, all have shipped, most should have arrived. heard some reports of parcels being folded in half to fit mailboxes, sarah talked to the post office and they assured us this was not supposed to happen, they officially blamed 'new postal workers.' so, apologies. they try hard, they're good people, but sometimes mistakes are made. if you got a damaged handbill, drop us a note, we'll sort it out.

til then...
- majora's mask
- this is how you die. cheery. just in time for the holidays.
- drop a WHAT IS THAT POSTER IN THE BACKGROUND? i'm on youtube, i've made it.
- some Black and White artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz
- Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest: Episode I
- plus, some helpful cooking tips for this thanksgiving. handed down from generation to generation....

captains log 0098

greetings and salutations. less than two weeks til thanksgiving. what a glorious season, one of my four favorites. just a quick update that these prints will be going out tomorrow mostly (a few tuesday) and should be arriving at your doorstep by the end of this week. if anyone's interested in a cat, i also have a couple spares of those lying around (i feel like a neighbor might have left their cloning machine on and we're reaping the results. turn it off, man!)

as for my print, it will be for sale shortly, but first these orders must ship out, so either end of this week or sometime next. regardless, if you're on my mailing list you will get a note harassing you about its availability when that becomes apparent.

until then, let this cheer you up, or bring you down, or just wash over you like dishwater.
- ghost in the shell: the movie. huh. or perhaps Valerian CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS.
- a short interview with the great bernie wrightson, who is truly a legend, truly.
- a nice little cooking tip we can all benefit from.
on a more serious note, or notes.....
- 57 years apart. i'm right between these two, though quickly racing towards one.
- man on the street, a worldview.
- live fully now, by alan watts
- what really matters. an interesting look at quality of life, and death.

captains log 0097

man, how 'bout them cubs huh? crazy upset, for sure. i don't follow sports personally but i know it got pretty heated, heard people were pretty invested in their favorite teams. some 'why i oughta...'s and fist shaking at the ump. but in the end...... there's always next year. unless of course, there isn't. til then, enjoy the finer things, like....

- behind the alien chestburster scene (and a bit of trivia about alien in general)
- Q&A with QT about H8TFUL8. that looks weird.
- baby animals happy and sad.
- this mike mignola collection
- backwards brain bicycle. gotta change the way we think!

consider the immortal words of socrates, who said, "i drank what?"

captains log 0096

hopefully everyone knows if their order went thru, should have gotten a response if ye did. like an automated 'thanks buddy' type deal. drop us a note if you are unsure. these will probably ship by the end of this next week (fingettes crossed).

til then, enjoymo your weekendmo.
- spooky club - actually done by some friends of mine and man, so impressed!
- its not a nail. relatable.
- throw another wookie on the barbie mate.
- DUNE RELATED. dune coloring book? DUNE ABIDES. dune Sienkiewicz.
- life. could be good. i mean, the movie, not real life. that ends in tears.
- spiderman. voiced by none other than stan the man.
- porky pig, ali baba bound. we're gonna get phone calls.

- kinda cool shirt picture sent to me. kinda cool frame job sent to me. nifty.

captains log 0094

i've been slacking on my updates, visiting family across the usa, fun times. but i do have a new print coming out thru bottleneck gallery, you can read more info here - taking place on veterans day, and going to an admirable cause as well. thanks to bottleneck gallery and spoke art for coming together and making it happen. i'll have some copies of the print available on my site after the event as well, so if you're on my mailing list you'll be harassed about that soon enough.

also, before that, fairly soon, i'll have a few other handbill type prints for sale, a letterpress piece and a screenprinted piece. with random stickers as well, i have a few newish ones, huzzah.

til then, smoke em if you got em. or vape, for my European friends. just kidding. i actually don't know the vape demographics, is that still happening? no one tells me anything.
except -
- time travel by nate bargatze. humor.
- mall 84. classy.
- unsatisfying.
- this trailer undersells it but i found my blind brother heeeeeelarious.

captains log 0093

octobers upon us, the spooky season. i believe i'll have a new poster or two this month. or soon. or i have no idea. i guess maybe even some smaller pieces might show up at nyc con. some of you have inquired about mondocon, i won't be making it this year, apologies.
til then,
- i was amused by bears on stairs.
- impressed by indiana jones, the animated series.
- intrigued by the trailer for The Autopsy of Jane Doe.
- infused by the effects behind civil war.
- immersed in the snake selfie.
- and incensed by the cruel M. Bison.

also, if you're into books (which i plan on being once i learn to read), you could do worse than picking up a copy of this here poster book by mitch putnam, of which i have a couple posters in.

captains log 0092

after a long week of work, i'm enjoying thirsty thursday. and what goes better with this than some tunes? nuffin.
- Trampled by Turtles-Wait So Long. man, i'm digging that. good dudes.
- heard this on the radio today on my drive, spoke to me. been a long while.
- in an alternate universe, this makes sense. in this universe, we're stuck with this.
- this dog, man, this dog. unrelated, we're getting our fifth rescue dog sunday. is that too many?
  can you have too many dogs? i feel like i'm about to find out.
- this was a trip. so pretty.
- this was kinda interesting, for you lilo and stich people.
- other than that....this is who i'd vote for. if i could vote.
- to avoid ending on that joke, this looks really gorgeous.

captains log 0091: the wrap

so, rose city came and went. sarah had a blast. i actually did as well, though the food court cheese pizza helped steady my hand. i don't know what the future holds for more cons, but at least i can now die happy. or at least die slightly less sad, depending on the manner of my death. we had some old prints to sell, the pricetag was a bit steep, but most of them i just had a handful of, so hopefully people don't hold that against me. hold it against sarah if you have to. anywho, now you know what going to comic cons is like. onto the next chapter of my life.....

til then:
- akira related. coloring akira. differences between the manga and the film.
-really nice heat talk.
- dying light. is that actual gameplay!? no. obviously.
- speeding ad. an interesting bummer of an ad.
- rest in piece jon polito. didn't make the news worldwide, but to me, a real iconic actor that had some great roles. millers crossing being one of my favorite.

captains log 0090: coming up rose city

well, hello september. i guess i'm going to have a booth at the rose city comic con this weekend. it was sarah's idea. so, i'll be there. due to weird life choices, i actually also have another thing going on this weekend as well, so on saturday i'll be at RCCC from like 4 to 7, and on sunday from like 12 til 5. the booth will be there from start til quitting time though, sarah will be running it, plus maybe my buddy tom. i'll just have a random assortment of older stuff, a few movie prints, some music prints, stickers, etc. i'll probably have some of my alien prints just to have something to sell, but rest assured i will have them for sale online at some point. just gotta have some stuff for the booth. all filler, no killer, as they say. plus obviously i'm up for signing whatever, when i'm there. its going to be nuts. or i dunno.

captains log 0089

so, hopefully all orders have arrived, wherever you are in your corner of the world. if you haven't received an order from me, drop me a note and we'll look into it. supposedly new stuff on the horizon from me, but ve shall see, as zeh say.
- jack kirby recently celebrated his birthday. from beyond.
- interesting note on jim steranko, living legend
- The Thing interesting note. the secrets in their eyes, apparently.
- my dad used to have a monkey just like this growing up. crazy.
- nice princess bride andre the giant video. that andre, class act.
ok, that's it, keep rockin' til...forever.

captains log 0088

well shoot, its the weekend, take a break, you deserve it. or do you? just kidding. or am i? just kidding....or... alright alright, sarah's got all the posters shipped out, we're already getting 'hey i love it!' or 'hey you forgot to put the poster in my shipping tube!' type emails. so if you don't get your order soon, let us know.
til then, enjoy this mignola madness. so good. batman. doom. blade.
- i liked this vid, music is good for the soul. kinda neat.
- masters of the universe posters. struzan. or something MORE THAN STRUZAN. different i mean.
- akira is life. i guess.

captains log 0086

due to a bit of a hectic week, i'll be having my poster sale early this next week. apologies on that lapse in syntax memory error, i am but a mortal. all sticker packs have shipped, so expect them to arrive soon if they haven't already.

in terms of pins and patches and handbills and air fresheners, i'm sure they'll be available again down the road, so don't spend a billion schrute bucks buying them on the aftermarket. please don't stress it. like ol walt says....don't worry, be mickey. or minnie.

captains log 0085

so, preorder sticker packs are starting to ship, finally. the holdup was....i wanted to make sure those that ordered a couple packs or more got something a bit different each time. we'll see, it could all end in tears, but hopefully not. appreciate your patience.

in other news, my plans is to sell my conchords prints / phish prints / older stuff this next week, after all sticker packs have shipped. but more importantly....
- jack davis, truly one of the greats, a thunderous giant. rest in peace.
- stranger things cheat sheet.
- dolphinaphobia. yes.
- walk of life into valhalla. it works.

captains log 0084

so, another week, another update. i actually have almost all the pieces for the sticker shipments....waiting on one more piece, and then they shall be released, like doves at a Ozzy concert. as always, if you're fed up with waiting, i can refund your order. otherwise i expect (fingers crossed) these to start going out next week.  once they've shipped i'll have my conchords and phish prints for sale.

nothing else to report. still waiting on a couple approvals, a few concert prints in the works as well. chugging along like something that chugs. a train? til then.
- in these crazy times, i watch this to cheer myself up. or this actually. or frankly, this, which says something about me, i know.
- this was weird. i know, stranger things, i'm watching it, alright already. get off my back.
- the maker

thanks for the words on my family situation, i know we all have things going on in our lives, and mind are comparatively mild on a world scale, but i guess it helps to put it out there sometimes. in regards to that, my grandpa did indeed see my dad again, so thanks for the thoughts.

captains log 0083

another update, i have phish prints to sell but ideally i'll get these sticker pack preorders shipped first, and i am still waiting on pieces to come in for that. so that's kinda the holdup. but i think those that preordered will be in for a pleasant treat, i hope. 5 new stickers (and then some) plus some random other items i think people will like. I HOPE. lets just say i broke the bank getting some of these made, ha.

til then - hope the weekend treats you all good.
- start it off with some aphex twin
- stoked on the ghostbusters sequel?
- a really nice writeup on the commonalities between the thing and hateful 8
- in the bag, man. wrap it up.
- this feels like some sort of real world re-enactment of like, your body fighting off infections or something.
- days gone. hmm....gameplay looks wild.  or stressful.
- a real eyeful.

lastly, if any of you hold to the belief in prayer, my grandpa stout is nearing the end of his 92 year journey, he's been a rock in our lives and we're glad to have known him. right now we're just hoping he's here til next tuesday, when my parents get back from overseas, seeing my sister graduate from glasgow university. watching this made me think of my gramps, he was a navy man and had some pretty harrowing experiences. life.

captains log 0082

just a heads up on the preorder sticker packs i had awhile back, just heard back that some of the stickers won't be here for another couple weeks, so if you're not comfortable with your order taking that long, let us know and we can refund ya, no hard feelings. i'll post a note here when these start going out. the regular sticker packs should already have arrived, its just the preorders that are taking their sweet time.

captains log 0081

so, stickers are shipping this week, if you haven't received yours it should arrive soon, lord willing. in other news, its sarah's birthday today...ok well yesterday, so happy birthday to m'lady.

in other, this year. seems like we're losing a lot of legends and up & comers. if you haven't seen green room, its brutal. but its really well done. it'll make my list of top 10 of 2016.

cheers me up
- richie spice / youths dem cold
- rancid / ruby soho - takes me back
- goldfinger / here in your bedroom. i've had this song in my head for 20 years.
- human / love - made me think.
- its my 80's / perturbator / dance with the dead.

EDIT: also, you may have noticed my cap log is no longer the homepage to - if you want to change your bookmarks to - that's a direct link to my captains log. mostly i'm doing this because new people that visit my site have expressed some confusion as to how to find my work, the upper nav bar seems to be a bit confusing? so i'm trying this out, having my go to a gallery, but captains log will continue to be the thing i update the most. we'll see how it fits, probably terrible, i fear change, just like most people.