captains log 0111

i've had a few emails about the poster i did for captain america / civil war. i'll have my copies available as soon as i have them in hand. so if you're on my mailing list, you'll get a note about them being on sale.

til then, enjoy your day.
- bit of a smile.
- bit of a journey.
- bit of a thrill.
- bit of a laugh.
- bit of a cry. this is 30 minutes from my house and man, it hit me hard. kids, i tell ya. 

captains log 0109

valentines day is almost upon us. hopefully sarah forgets. just kidding, i'll wing it, it'll be fine.

hopefully all goes good, til the next big update, heres something almost better. links to random internet things.
- the perfect valentines day video. that rihanna has put on a bit of weight, bold move.
- just kidding, this is obviously the perfect valentines day video. classic sixx.
- i saw this and it wasn't half bad. not as good as Stakeland, but still, pretty good.
- comic sans. pretty neat to hear the thought that went into it.
- monkeys. unsettling. tetris god. i believe it. akira production. geez.
- weirdly i can relate to this. i mean this, obviously. my career in a gif.
- dark knight visuals. pretty rad stuff. this bernie wrightson news on the other hand...not good stuff. if you haven't checked out Batman: The Cult, its awe inspiring stuff.

lastly, if you've got any leads on people looking to offload their collections of g.i.joes...drop me a note. i'm always on the look out for possible trades. '82-94ish figures.

captains log 0108

greetings. so, i'm sure it goes without saying, but everythings been shipped and if you haven't got it, drop us a note. i'm sure its fine. totally fine. but just double check.

unrelated, if anyone knows of any account manager / project manager type job openings, drop me an email, i'm putting the word out there for a family member, appreciate it.

til next one -
- thanks to kayley who sent me this, pretty rad way to turn some oversized shirts into pillowcases. or in my case, i just wear the shirts, my body is the pillow.
- everybody wants to kill bruce 2
- sculpt off. dance off.
- box alien. was it a real thing? or just mis-remembering / mis-interpreting what they were seeing on screen for the first time.
- civilization. what comes next?
- nightmare fuel for your ears. seriously, i will have nightmares about this. apply this to cleanse the demons.

captains log 0107

so, for those of you that asked about my film picks of 2016, for the historical record, i finally done did one and posted it here.

secondly, some of you inquired about this frame contest results, it did actually wrap up a number of weeks ago, rene picked the winners and we sent out the prints. he did a live drawing / reveal on this facebook page, i assumed people were on it and knew about it but when i started getting emails, realized that wasn't the case, apologies. thanks again to rene for running it from start to finish and donating the prints. i know he got some flak for it but it was only because of his generous heart that it happened in the first place, so thanks for that, rene. for those that didn't win, thanks for contributing to a pretty nice frame gallery that future generations can look on for potential frame inspiration.

lastly, its been a hard week, losing miguel ferrer to the coffee table grenade that is cancer. robocop, deepstar six, twin peaks. a memorable actor that will be missed. on a positive note, happy birthday to john carpenter. still the legend.

captains log 0106

so, by tomorrow everything *will* have shipped, i believe. sarah has like 50 stickerpacks left to package up then boomski, done. let us know if you're not seeing shipping this week. normally shipping works like...every day things ship out, for like a week. so things arrive at different times for different people. if you're not happy with your order, obviously let us know, ship it back, etc.

other than that, should be pretty well settled up for last years business, let me know if i owe anyone anything. i shouldn't, but if you're waiting on me for something, lemme know. til then...

- carrie fisher in blade runner? probably not according to reports, but still, looks like her.
- qt and sir ridley on film stuff. always interesting. those other dudes are like 'what are we here for?'
- choice / radiolab. heard this on npr. pretty interesting. to a numbskull like me.
- hey, itsah Claudio Mazzoli, whaddya expect, fuggedaboutit.
- the prayer by this lady. play it at my funeral, it'll be hilarious.
- alien: covenant.... i might see this.

captains log 0105

goodbye 2016, hello 2017. hello to new little ones and goodbye to old friends. first off, thanks to those that sent in stickers, i am receiving them currently and it warms my heart. fantastic mr fox prints have gone out, if you don't have it or haven't received tracking, please let me know.  lunar calendars are going out this new week with some fun extras, as are sticker packs. i hope people keep expectations low on certain extras, for every egg shen, theres a nameless punk bill paxton, its just a fun random thing.

also, reminder that if you're interested in submitting a photo of a framed poster or print of mine, you can still do so, enter for a chance to win free prints. i'll keep you updated on that as i am updated. so far its been a pleasure seeing all the different ways people frame things, very cool, i'm flattered and humbled and life is amazing.

other than that, hopefully each one of you is doing well, enjoying life. congrats to tom and nando and jake and rene (among others) for their new additions, the future is looking pretty sweet. keep your heads up in 2017, one year closer to total global armageddon. dibs on bartertown. mazel tov!

captains log 0104

welp, almost christmas. fantastic fox prints have shipped, so you should be seeing those soon, those of you that ordered. lunar calendars are almost done printing and will be shipping this next week, if you ordered one and need a placeholder gift, you can download one from my previous post. stickerpacks will be shipping at the same time.

edit: looks like i have a few shark stickers on the way, appreciate the emails.

alright, back to enjoying the holidays. starting now. now. now.

captains log 0103

so, sarah has started shipping fox prints, they'll be shipping into this next week. calendar wise, it looks like i'll have them by friday, which means they'll ship the week after christmas, apologies. if that changes your order status please let us know.

if you're hoping to give your purchased items as a gift, i've made 3 pretty simple certificates you can print out and give in lieu of the actual print. a placeholder, if you will. just don't give it to someone if you actually didn't purchase the said items, they'll be let down. or do, up to you, i can't control you, maybe you have an unusual family dynamic.

let me know if these print poorly, i tried to make them a reasonable size, but not like, full page size.

- fantastic mr fox certificate
- 2017 lunar calendar certificate
- stickerpack certificate

thanks again.-tyler.

captains log 0102

edit: calendars all wrapped up and off to the printers.

so, another day closer to christmas. success. you made it. nice thing about this years calendar...when the year is over, simply cut down the dotted line and you've got yourself a neat little 11x13" print. perfect for wrapping small pieces of pottery or lining your birdcage with. nifty.

as sarah starts packing up prints, i am busy researching things on the internet. here are my results...SO FAR.
- pixies. man, so hard to pick the best one. i can't find my copy of this album. great. i'm old enough that i have cd's i've lost. great.
- travolta and sam. and marvin, pre-shot in the face.
- me getting on the minecraft craze. next up, i'll have to try this pokemon i've heard so much about. must i catch them all?
- heart. this songs got real heart.
- in honor of Rogue One: Wedgie Time
- amazingness behind akira, yet again. plus the only movie i'm really stoked on.  plus this lizard.
- best christmas song of all time? no. but still pretttttty good.

happy birthday to my friend tom 'biff' wilson, one of my best buds, going on twenty years of knowing this rascal. 55 years old, hard to believe. coincidentally enough, a few other things have happened on this day in history. coincidence? hmm....

captains log 0101

last update: fantastic mr fox sale is pretty well wrapped up, appreciate the orders and email entries, as always i am in your debt.

update 3: apologies on the lateness, second round going out shortly, mostly because we got stuck most of the day in a snowstorm and that messed up all the timelines. sarah's doing a final check on those that purchased in the first round, always a few people who entered twice, sucks to refund people, which is why i let sarah do it. but 2nd round going out and then we'll pretty much be wrapped up by tomorrow morning. small footnote: no need to email asking to be picked in the second round, sarah will just continue picking from the original lotto entries.

update 2: sarah's informed me the first round of emails have all gone out. a second smaller round will go out today at 8PM PST tonight, so there's always a chance we'll get you then, if you missed out. appreciate all the entries!

update: the lotto is closed and emails will be going out by 12PM PST today. i'll post an update when the first round of emails have gone out.

so, my fantastic mr fox poster is being sold via email lottery. click here to read more about it, including how to enter.

i also did a 2017 lunar calendar, and you can pick one up here. each calendar comes with a fantastic mr fox handbill.

lastly, i have a photo contest going on, if you're interested in winning a free poster. go here to learn more about that.

lotta info to juggle, hopefully i didn't make any mistakes.

captains log 0100

poster sale info: looks like all my ducks are lining up and my fantastic mr fox print is going on sale this week. i know, i know, i'm a bit late to the party, but as they say in canada, better late than never. i'll also have some other smaller items for you to turn your nose up at.

so, mailing listers, expect an email and you'll get the news as i send it out. thanks.

captains log 0099

alright alright alriggght, hope alls good. i got to thinking, its kinda a big week with a lot of people's families, plus some sort of shopping event on friday that people participate in, so i'd rather not add to the madness with a sale. so if you're on my mailing list, you'll get an email ahead of time, before the sale, which won't be happening this week.

last handbills sale update, all have shipped, most should have arrived. heard some reports of parcels being folded in half to fit mailboxes, sarah talked to the post office and they assured us this was not supposed to happen, they officially blamed 'new postal workers.' so, apologies. they try hard, they're good people, but sometimes mistakes are made. if you got a damaged handbill, drop us a note, we'll sort it out.

til then...
- majora's mask
- this is how you die. cheery. just in time for the holidays.
- drop a WHAT IS THAT POSTER IN THE BACKGROUND? i'm on youtube, i've made it.
- some Black and White artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz
- Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest: Episode I
- plus, some helpful cooking tips for this thanksgiving. handed down from generation to generation....

captains log 0098

greetings and salutations. less than two weeks til thanksgiving. what a glorious season, one of my four favorites. just a quick update that these prints will be going out tomorrow mostly (a few tuesday) and should be arriving at your doorstep by the end of this week. if anyone's interested in a cat, i also have a couple spares of those lying around (i feel like a neighbor might have left their cloning machine on and we're reaping the results. turn it off, man!)

as for my print, it will be for sale shortly, but first these orders must ship out, so either end of this week or sometime next. regardless, if you're on my mailing list you will get a note harassing you about its availability when that becomes apparent.

until then, let this cheer you up, or bring you down, or just wash over you like dishwater.
- ghost in the shell: the movie. huh. or perhaps Valerian CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS.
- a short interview with the great bernie wrightson, who is truly a legend, truly.
- a nice little cooking tip we can all benefit from.
on a more serious note, or notes.....
- 57 years apart. i'm right between these two, though quickly racing towards one.
- man on the street, a worldview.
- live fully now, by alan watts
- what really matters. an interesting look at quality of life, and death.

captains log 0097

man, how 'bout them cubs huh? crazy upset, for sure. i don't follow sports personally but i know it got pretty heated, heard people were pretty invested in their favorite teams. some 'why i oughta...'s and fist shaking at the ump. but in the end...... there's always next year. unless of course, there isn't. til then, enjoy the finer things, like....

- behind the alien chestburster scene (and a bit of trivia about alien in general)
- Q&A with QT about H8TFUL8. that looks weird.
- baby animals happy and sad.
- this mike mignola collection
- backwards brain bicycle. gotta change the way we think!

consider the immortal words of socrates, who said, "i drank what?"

captains log 0096

hopefully everyone knows if their order went thru, should have gotten a response if ye did. like an automated 'thanks buddy' type deal. drop us a note if you are unsure. these will probably ship by the end of this next week (fingettes crossed).

til then, enjoymo your weekendmo.
- spooky club - actually done by some friends of mine and man, so impressed!
- its not a nail. relatable.
- throw another wookie on the barbie mate.
- DUNE RELATED. dune coloring book? DUNE ABIDES. dune Sienkiewicz.
- life. could be good. i mean, the movie, not real life. that ends in tears.
- spiderman. voiced by none other than stan the man.
- porky pig, ali baba bound. we're gonna get phone calls.

- kinda cool shirt picture sent to me. kinda cool frame job sent to me. nifty.

captains log 0094

i've been slacking on my updates, visiting family across the usa, fun times. but i do have a new print coming out thru bottleneck gallery, you can read more info here - taking place on veterans day, and going to an admirable cause as well. thanks to bottleneck gallery and spoke art for coming together and making it happen. i'll have some copies of the print available on my site after the event as well, so if you're on my mailing list you'll be harassed about that soon enough.

also, before that, fairly soon, i'll have a few other handbill type prints for sale, a letterpress piece and a screenprinted piece. with random stickers as well, i have a few newish ones, huzzah.

til then, smoke em if you got em. or vape, for my European friends. just kidding. i actually don't know the vape demographics, is that still happening? no one tells me anything.
except -
- time travel by nate bargatze. humor.
- mall 84. classy.
- unsatisfying.
- this trailer undersells it but i found my blind brother heeeeeelarious.

captains log 0093

octobers upon us, the spooky season. i believe i'll have a new poster or two this month. or soon. or i have no idea. i guess maybe even some smaller pieces might show up at nyc con. some of you have inquired about mondocon, i won't be making it this year, apologies.
til then,
- i was amused by bears on stairs.
- impressed by indiana jones, the animated series.
- intrigued by the trailer for The Autopsy of Jane Doe.
- infused by the effects behind civil war.
- immersed in the snake selfie.
- and incensed by the cruel M. Bison.

also, if you're into books (which i plan on being once i learn to read), you could do worse than picking up a copy of this here poster book by mitch putnam, of which i have a couple posters in.

captains log 0092

after a long week of work, i'm enjoying thirsty thursday. and what goes better with this than some tunes? nuffin.
- Trampled by Turtles-Wait So Long. man, i'm digging that. good dudes.
- heard this on the radio today on my drive, spoke to me. been a long while.
- in an alternate universe, this makes sense. in this universe, we're stuck with this.
- this dog, man, this dog. unrelated, we're getting our fifth rescue dog sunday. is that too many?
  can you have too many dogs? i feel like i'm about to find out.
- this was a trip. so pretty.
- this was kinda interesting, for you lilo and stich people.
- other than that....this is who i'd vote for. if i could vote.
- to avoid ending on that joke, this looks really gorgeous.