captains log 0142

i've had a few emails about trey and foo fighter prints, they only let me sell a fairly small amount, so i figured i'd save up prints to have a sale worth checking out, if that makes sense. appreciate all the emails though! soon, soon.

also - unrelated (or related) - i'll have some older prints for sale down the road as well, my dog iggy had some serious medical issues and it was either spend more money than a person should spend on a dog or realize that everything is temporary and there are more important things in this life than household pets that have lived to the ripe age of 9. so yeah, i got some credit card bills to pay. iggy's fine though, so there's that.

til then, smoke em if you got em.
- in search of steve ditko
- spiderman - into the spiderverse
- speed hitting
- mercury vs aluminum
- divisor / telescope
- cold war kids / take the money and run

captains log 0141

so, if you haven't received your order by now, drop us a note. i assume its on its way but never hurts to double check, that's sarah's job. that she sometimes does. in addition to her other duties, whatever those may be. chilling at the beach i assume. if you're interested in hearing when my recent poster for Trey Anastasio Trio is for sale, you can sign up here for my mailing list and i'll notify you when they go for sale. i don't have a ton though, apologies.

til then, just breathe
- classic carpenter mix, i'm interested in that new halloween reboot.
- classic herman cain, we could have had this guy as president??!
- secret santa
- some nice spartacus posters
- this is why i don't ride a bike. or exercise in general.
- its a small world. after all. huh.

captains log 0140

so, looks like these are still shipping, if you haven't received tracking yet give sarah thru this week to get your stuff sent off, apologies. or drop us a note and we can always check, but chances are it will ship this week!

til then, it is my birthday month, i gotta start saving my pennies. so many pennies.
- kinda unreal
- pretty neat, two different memories that line up, tarantino and gilliam
- isle of dogs, haven't seen it. but i would like to.
- call me by your twins. classic.
- this is like 10 minutes from my house. sounds about right.
- classic elvis. classic.


captains log 0139

EDIT: apologies on the late post, looks like the sale is over, tabulating orders and whatnot. thanks again for all your support, can't express how much it means to the stout family, always appreciative!

heyoo, i have some stickerpacks and posters for sale, if you're interested go here. please limit yourself to one poster per person, but you can order multiple sticker packs, if you want.

captains log 0138

if you're in the uk and have a chance to see flight of the conchords on their current tour, make sure you check em out. supposedly you might even see some shirts and a poster i designed. i'll actually have some screenprinted versions available soon, hopefully.

til then, these made me smile.
- eric andre / blind man
- amazing joker cosplay / DIY Xenomorph cosplay
- Sushi camera
- qt dancing. the whole doc is great.
- snarky puppy. cory henry is amazing.
- hail shiba
- why can't we be friends?

captains log 0137

so, hopefully in the next two weeks or three i'll have some new handbills and stickers, as well as a print hopefully. if you're on my mailing list, you'll get the beep beep update, easily deleted or sent to the spam folder. til then -

music to calm the savage beast
- rentals / waiting - pixies / velouria - breeders / cannonball -
- dire straights / walk of life - okilly dokilly / G.L.D
- amazing collection of original big trouble props
- the art of a tapestry thing making thing.
- neat making of 2001, kubrick style
- 12 hours of video game progress....down the drain.
- snowmobiling done right!
- stallone's rocky poster, OG
- starship trooper brainbug making of. or prometheus ideas.
- clay cat or small town. hard to decide.

captains log 0136

greetings from the year 2018. or for the dyslectics out there, BLOZ. its going to be a good one, i can feel it. course i liked 2017 as well, even though everyone tells me it was terrible. i've got two kids on the swim team, sarah started selling her paintings, my friends continue having new babies, we've continued being blessed as foster parents, i can't complain. sure there's bad stuff, but that's every year in the history of the earth. as monty python says....

anywho, hopefully everyone has a great 2018, keep my uncle Chuck in your prayers with health related issues, get some travels under your belt, one year closer to the apocalypse.
- southern cross
- alien 3 xenodog
- dude, potato
- animals and people.

captains log 0135

edit: last day to pick one up a calendar, gotta give sarah a break on shipping. also, all metal posters have shipped, and definitely check with us if you have questions regarding your orders.

heyoo. hope everyone's christmas was filled with cheer, and the last week of 2017 treats you well. if you missed out on a lunar calendar for 2018, sarah's sending out a few more packages this next week, so feel free to pick one up.

til then, cheat death, follow dogs, gather mushrooms.

captains log 0134

so we're down to the bare bones of shipping, a few more to go out then we should be done. if you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, let us known and we'll see what's up. thanks again for the emails and poster orders, can't express how much it means to me and sarah, a christmas miracle.

other than that, not much to report, saw Last Jedi, enjoyed it. Saw Shape of Water, really enjoyed it. saw this, really will enjoy it..someday.
- star wars edit
- timely! and handsome as well.
- akirarge simpson
- shooting at 24 fps
- titanic sinks IN REAL TIME. incredible. stay for the twist ending!

captains log 0133

updatery - posters shipping this week (and into next i'd imagine), calendars finishing up printing and should be getting packed up this weekend. alien stuff going out this week. sarah's hitting shipping hard, so hopefully it arrives in a timely manner. thanks again for your patience and don't be afraid to check in with us if you have questions.

til then -
- civilization / batman / ophelia / star dentals / unicron / young mc


captains log 0132

so, sale done, shipping begins, hope to get this stuff out soon. if you have questions, drop us an email. if you need refunds on shipping or buyers remorse, drop us a note. as long as it hasn't shipped, we'll refund whatever.
til then:
- cats. monkeys. more cats.
- the masterful dave gibbons.
- big dumb robots. or weird alien things. which is worse? alien thing.
- the willow that wasn't. or katsuya terada's zelda. necropolis. in shadow.


captains log 0131: Fire Sale

UPDATE NUMERO TWO: sale is winding down, just calendar preorders left, and those will end tomorrow (thursday), so thanks again for all the orders and kind words. important note: if you requested a shipping refund and don't get one by end of thursday, drop us a note, sarah's taking care of them currently. lotta figuring stuff out on her part, we can't combine all orders because somethings (pins) don't ship great with other things (posters), so its kinda a balancing act, what can ship together and what can't. appreciate your patience and if you don't get a refund by friday, drop us a note.
UPDATE: hey, thanks for the orders, hopefully everyone's having an ok experience with that new store. sarah's going through emails and trying to get back to people as soon as possible. let us know if you see specific problems. til then, this is great. great job joe.
so, i have a bunch of stuff for sale, head over here to check it out. i actually have two stores, one with posters and one with pins and patches and other smaller items perfect for stocking stuffers. and let me tell you, any kid under the age of, like, 18, is going to be bummed to get those as stocking stuffers.

let me know if you have any questions, i tried to set things up correctly but its a lot to manage, and sarah usually runs the sale itself while i run off into the woods. if you see a weird shipping cost, or accidentally purchase two of something you meant to purchase one of, let us know and we'll get it fixed. thanks again for the years of support, means a lot to me and my family.

captains log 0130

apologies on the lack of sale, i am finishing up my 2018 lunar calendar, and am hoping to sell that with poster orders so people can save on shipping. better than selling some stuff this week, some stuff next week. obviously i should have just shut my yapper about having a sale until i was ready to have the sale, but i had hopes and dreams. and now, dust, all dust. but, if you're on my mailing list, i'll be notifying you when things go up for sale. appreciate your patience.

til then, keep surfin' the bird.

captains log 0129

slacking on my updates. looking like ... next week i'll be selling my QOTSA prints, plus some uncut alien handbill prints, plus a super limited amount of my Captain America Civil War metal prints. so that should be something. i also did a print for foo fighters but alas, the show was canceled. you can still pick up the print here, with proceeds going to charity. not sure if they're selling the variant at another time or mixing it in with the regulars or what. other than that, not much to report, hope everyone's Thanksgiving goes good. may it be filled with turkey, wild or otherwise. (EDIT - this week, though not 'early' this week, apologies. trying to finish up a thing).

also, unrelated
- dog eat dog
- seeya later, gator.
- finished season 2. pretty fun.
- fincher related. that mindhunter is pretty good. he's got the eye.
- this coke commercial has a Don Bluth feel to the animation. and this was plain neat.
- still surprised Blade Runner 2: Leon's Revenge didn't do well. amazing work.

captains log 0128

long time no update. how to sum up my last month....hmmm....well i went to india. and it was a trip. other than that, i have a couple band prints coming out soon, if you're into music. other than that, another round of links for my friends.
- bladerunner 2: the quickening. honestly, i really enjoyed it. not 'its better than the original' enjoyed, but still, a beautiful looking film that washed over me like warm slime. i could care about how much money it made, but i'm not a weirdo. a good film is a good film, and the best are often under valued. ps - a nice little prequel that should have made the final cut. and yet they could have trimmed a bit of other stuff down. felt like we got the directors cut IN THEATERS.
- speaking of in theaters...i'll be seeing this for sure. looks great. and this could be great as well. even if its direct to video.
- in retrospect, alien covenant...bit of a letdown. ah well. can't all be homeruns.
- city of violence. how violent.
- save movie madness....i have a membership there. lotta weird stuff. save it but keep it out of reach of kids and small animals.
- Freddie Mercury meets California Raisins.
- my friends did this short film - Spooky Club. expect great things from them.
- another pal who lives right near me, amazing illustrator. his beverage designs are amazing.

captains log 0127

all current orders have shipped, so if you haven't received your orders or tracking info, drop me a note.

other news
- crazy to think sept 11th, 2001 was 16 years ago.
- music wise: fever ray / milky chance / avalances
- or the real oldies: human league / the animals
- always staggering to see Elvis, literally the year he died, still giving his all.
- one of the greatest animated shows of all time, Batman: The Animated series...a neat look behind the curtain.
- blade of the immortal. fight, fight, fight.
- sure, i'd like a bear. i actually already have one, practically.

captains log 0126: stickerpacks

edit, so i had some stickerpacks, they sold out much quicker than i anticipated. anyone with buyers remorse, please drop me a note and we can get your money back to you. also, if you ordered in two different orders, let us know and we'll refund your second shipping.

just as a fyi, our shipping process isn't automated, so we don't know if someone placed two orders or one, its only something we see when we're shipping (and sometimes not even then, which is why you might get two orders in two different shipments). so if you placed two separate orders and paid shipping twice, we don't automatically refund the second shipping, you'll have to let us know. its not an attempt to make extra money on double shipping charges, its just how our shipping works. to be clear, this only affects people who purchased something, paid, then went back and ordered again, paid again.

til then, thanks for the orders, the support, all of that good stuff. always appreciated and hopefully i don't let you down.

captains log 0125

so, all orders have shipped and should have arrived. if you haven't gotten your order...or tracking...drop me an email at info at and we'll sort you out.

up next, stickerpacks, finally. and they're actually all packed up already, ready to ship, so these will be quick turnarounds compared to the last sale. fingers crossed. i'll send out an email, if you're on my mailing list you'll get the note. if you're not into stickers, no worries, but i'm pretty pleased with em. tuesday i believe. round noon, pdx time. plenty to go around.

til then, in these tumultuous times... better people than me have said it best
- ted leo / rappaport's testament
- bad religion / them and us
- pennywise / competition
- donnis iris - love is like a rock
- the dickies - give it back

captains log 0124

poster orders are finally shipping, apologies on the long delay. using a new shipping program called...Shipworks? hopefully it works out, makes things a bit easier on sarah, paypal's multiorder shipping leaves something to be desired.

other than that, nothing much going on, stickerpacks on the way, i'll send out an email beforehand. til then...
- qt movie connections
- some shorts: the privates / zerogon / broken
- death of stalin. communist humor.
- some music videos i just like watching every couple years. like panda bear. or this new one 'in cold blood' is pretty cool. or pearl jams oldie, i remember being amazed when it came out.
- baby driver, seen it twice and it holds up nicely.

captains log 0123

well shoot, august already. time flies. sooo, long story short, i had more orders than i expected of older prints in the last sale, and it made me feel....well it felt weird to send out just older prints by themselves. so i thought it'd be cool to get a new print printed to include with those orders, so that's been kinda the holdup. it finishes printing this week and hopefully its worth waiting for. if you'd prefer to just skip the free print stuff and get just what you ordered, drop me a note and we'll get that sent off. but if you can wait a bit longer, we'll be sending these out shortly. and then, the sticker pack sale. i can hear everybody chanting now, 'we hate stickers.' its too late, they're coming.

so, that's all the news thats fit to print, this is a family publication after all. PG-13, if you get my meaning. wink wink. and on that note....
- look at these elephants. ain't that nuts?
- type stuff. movie type stuff. these type of articles give the impression i'm a smart designer. smoke and mirrors, i assure you.
- speaking of trigger. seafret. delta heavy. the avalanches.
- 3d printing. what will they think of next? electric cars? deodorant?
- the foreigner. starring Sir Jack Chan. a return to form? no. but still? hmm.
- and lastly (and most importantly) - monkeys in film. so many lost opportunities.