so, i thought it'd be fun to do a handbill thing on the secret sale side. NOW THAT THIS IS OVER - i repeat, don't send me anything, its done - i can talk a bit about it since people have asked about it.

awhile back i posted this on my instagram, clue #1


it gives away a little URL hint,
clue number 2

again, another hint to that URL, spelled out in the highlighted letters
clue #3

so, when you typed in that URL you came to this page (that you're on now) and it had this info

and that's it. people mailed in money and i sent back handbills.  i'm currently still wrapping up it up, but its over now so don't send more letters!

i'm writing all this not to bum people out, it was a very obscure and hard to find thing, but it was done for fun. we can still have fun, that's allowed. and i've had some emails from people saying 'i don't have time to pour over your site and study every detail' and hey, that's true, there are things in your lives that i don't know about either (and frankly i don't want to know about, heyooo, roll on snare drum).

but it was done out of me being a complete goofball who likes to make things super complicated for sarah. she's super busy shipping ultron posters, so what better time than now to get a brick ton of letters in the mail containing small bills. she loves it. i sleep in the garage. also my mailman is super weirded out.

i've also had emails from people saying 'guess i'm not part of the cool club' - shh....don't be like that. just because you can't be as cool as me -

doesn't mean you're not cool. and believe me, this picture was taken before my acne years, so i had yet to reach the apex of my powers. luckily i had a pretty cool animal skull collection and chicks were super into that in 1992.

it was done for fun, in the interest of having fun, being fun, and making me realize that HOLY CRAP I THOUGHT MY HANDWRITING WAS BAD. seriously, this was the worst idea ever, i'm spending hours going 'is that an 'a'? or a 'z'? i mean, c'mon. you folks have some friggin unusual spelling names, geez.

so that's the writeup, thats the explanation, felt like i should be transparent so people didn't make other people feel like they missed out. because in the end, no one missed out on anything. except a 3 dollar handbill, yes people missed out on that. and the ultron poster, lots of people emailed about that. in general though, you're not missing out.... on life. its all around you. in the wind. in the woods. we're sharing it together. i'm right behind you. that's me blowing softly in your ear. putting my hand on your shoulder. 'time to sleep, old friend.' you close your eyes. i slooooowly lift the ax.