tstout’s best of 2018…in no real order

note: i’m by no means a discerning movie critic. i like dumb stuff. moviewise - the rewatchability factor combined with films that bring something new to the table are kinda what i go by, but it’s all personal, to each their own.

the sisters brothers
- really enjoyed this western with mssrs. phoenix and reilly. some good laughs and just a fun take on the western genre.
upgrade - a bit of the ultraviolence paired with a movie lifted from the 80’s genre of action/scifi. good stuff.
mile 22 - no reason this should have made the list, its wacky as heck, but i enjoyed its solid action 16 block vibe.
juliet naked - kinda a romantic comedy, bit of the ol charm. nobody blows up in it, strangely enough. or is naked actually. i don’t think.
mandy - almost forgot this one. it was a trip, a hazy heavy metal album cover come to life.
hotel artemis - again, not sure if this was seen by many people, but i enjoyed it. vintage tarantino-lite in terms of all these stories coming together, but solid action, solid acting. and dave bautista is, as always, a delight.
you were never really here - ol joker phoenix made the list twice. in the vein of LEON or that type of flick, action through an artistic lens.
the death of stalin - i actually probably won’t rewatch this much. funny, but much like a comedy set during the holocaust, felt bad afterwards.
adam sandler 100% fresh - the funniest thing i’ve seen all year. not family friendly, but as a fan of the 90’s sandler films, it made me laugh. and cry.
overlord - left this one off til ol twilson reminded me, it was great. a great companion piece to frankenstein’s army.
spiderman into the spiderverse - if i had a #1, this might be it. amazing on all parts, sight, sound, acting. just solid. future of marvel movies.

so there ya be. nothing amazing, but some recommendations from a guy who eats sugar cubes by the box.

pS. i’m already second guessing some of these. mission falloutible i actually did see twice in theaters, so it should be on the list. infinity war will be determined kinda by how endgame is, it felt like half a story. in terms of tv shows, i really dug Barry and Altered Carbon.