captains log 0054

man, only a few more days, gonna be crazy at the theaters. i bought my tickets way ahead of time. obviously you know what i'm talking about.

- my gijoe search has come to its end, pretty much. i've replaced the base of my collection. and then a few others. i still have holes of course, but getting there, getting there.

-in other news, that star wars thing is also coming out. i think we can all relate to this. but our parents are like this.
- alien news? sure. but what about the other alien news? sure. kinda a starship trooper vibe towards the end.
- interesting article about Fujita Yukihisa - brought to mind one of my favorite animes as a teen, tank police. i had plenty of friends. in my head.
- speaking of being alone, don't despair. it'll happen. someday.