captains log 0055

CHRISTMAS WEEK? boy howdy. i haven't seen the star wars yet, so don't ruin it for me. just tell me this, do they bring back Nute Gunray? i know he was 'supposedly' killed by vader, but hopefully with some clever retconning JJ was able to bring him back.

in other news, i told my kids this was a classic growing up. they were disgusted. yet charmed.
- mad world...prophets of their time
- celles et french. someday they'll make a legit moebius movie. this is a good.
- look at this dog. just look at it. can you imagine the training process? horrifying.
- hippo charging. that actually is kinda nuts. you wouldn't like me when i'm...hungry.
- this is me most of christmas eve.

lastly, you might think i'm the famous one in my family. but you'd be wrong.