captains log 0093

octobers upon us, the spooky season. i believe i'll have a new poster or two this month. or soon. or i have no idea. i guess maybe even some smaller pieces might show up at nyc con. some of you have inquired about mondocon, i won't be making it this year, apologies.
til then,
- i was amused by bears on stairs.
- impressed by indiana jones, the animated series.
- intrigued by the trailer for The Autopsy of Jane Doe.
- infused by the effects behind civil war.
- immersed in the snake selfie.
- and incensed by the cruel M. Bison.

also, if you're into books (which i plan on being once i learn to read), you could do worse than picking up a copy of this here poster book by mitch putnam, of which i have a couple posters in.