captains log 0096

hopefully everyone knows if their order went thru, should have gotten a response if ye did. like an automated 'thanks buddy' type deal. drop us a note if you are unsure. these will probably ship by the end of this next week (fingettes crossed).

til then, enjoymo your weekendmo.
- spooky club - actually done by some friends of mine and man, so impressed!
- its not a nail. relatable.
- throw another wookie on the barbie mate.
- DUNE RELATED. dune coloring book? DUNE ABIDES. dune Sienkiewicz.
- life. could be good. i mean, the movie, not real life. that ends in tears.
- spiderman. voiced by none other than stan the man.
- porky pig, ali baba bound. we're gonna get phone calls.

- kinda cool shirt picture sent to me. kinda cool frame job sent to me. nifty.