captains log 0102

edit: calendars all wrapped up and off to the printers.

so, another day closer to christmas. success. you made it. nice thing about this years calendar...when the year is over, simply cut down the dotted line and you've got yourself a neat little 11x13" print. perfect for wrapping small pieces of pottery or lining your birdcage with. nifty.

as sarah starts packing up prints, i am busy researching things on the internet. here are my results...SO FAR.
- pixies. man, so hard to pick the best one. i can't find my copy of this album. great. i'm old enough that i have cd's i've lost. great.
- travolta and sam. and marvin, pre-shot in the face.
- me getting on the minecraft craze. next up, i'll have to try this pokemon i've heard so much about. must i catch them all?
- heart. this songs got real heart.
- in honor of Rogue One: Wedgie Time
- amazingness behind akira, yet again. plus the only movie i'm really stoked on.  plus this lizard.
- best christmas song of all time? no. but still pretttttty good.

happy birthday to my friend tom 'biff' wilson, one of my best buds, going on twenty years of knowing this rascal. 55 years old, hard to believe. coincidentally enough, a few other things have happened on this day in history. coincidence? hmm....