captains log 0062

so, my lunar calendars have arrived, being signed and stamped, shipping this week. a couple of you have inquired about ordering one, i should have some extras but i have to get these all shipped first. for those of you that have inquired about my ween poster, i'll definitely have copies but have to get all these calendars shipped, wait for them to arrive, etc. so it'll be a couple weeks, apologies.

for those of you that have ordered a calendar (and read this post in the next few days) - i did print up a few of a different colorway that you can see here - if you'd like to receive this colorway instead, let us know by dropping us an email between now and tomorrow. personally i still prefer the blue/red combo, but i was curious about metallic silver/green, totally up to you. no email from you = no change to your order. i'll also be adding a few extras to hopefully make up for me putting out a lunar calendar 2 frigging months late. no excuses, just bad planning. so hopefully you'll be happy when you get it. if not, let us know, we can always do refunds etc.

also just as an aside, updating my website, should have my handbill archive done soon, sticker archive is now up and running.