captains log 0073

so, just a followup, all ween and explosions in the sky posters have shipped as of thursday. so look for those to arrive this next week. also, friday i'll be at eccc, specifically mondo's booth from 3-5PM, if you want anything signed. just a heads up i won't have anything for sale, it is literally just me sitting there looking like a dog at the pound.

as some of you know, i usually stamp the prints i sell on my site, and i assume if i'm signing your print it has not been stamped. if you'd like it stamped, i did have a stamp made exclusively for this eccc, but you'll have to request it, i won't just be madly stamping the backs of peoples prints. up to you. i'll be walking around the con though, feel free to say hi. i look like this. or this, on a good day. i really enjoy people hugging me, so definitely do that. maybe a light peck on the cheek, i don't mind.