captains log 0081

so, stickers are shipping this week, if you haven't received yours it should arrive soon, lord willing. in other news, its sarah's birthday today...ok well yesterday, so happy birthday to m'lady.

in other, this year. seems like we're losing a lot of legends and up & comers. if you haven't seen green room, its brutal. but its really well done. it'll make my list of top 10 of 2016.

cheers me up
- richie spice / youths dem cold
- rancid / ruby soho - takes me back
- goldfinger / here in your bedroom. i've had this song in my head for 20 years.
- human / love - made me think.
- its my 80's / perturbator / dance with the dead.

EDIT: also, you may have noticed my cap log is no longer the homepage to - if you want to change your bookmarks to - that's a direct link to my captains log. mostly i'm doing this because new people that visit my site have expressed some confusion as to how to find my work, the upper nav bar seems to be a bit confusing? so i'm trying this out, having my go to a gallery, but captains log will continue to be the thing i update the most. we'll see how it fits, probably terrible, i fear change, just like most people.