captains log 0083

another update, i have phish prints to sell but ideally i'll get these sticker pack preorders shipped first, and i am still waiting on pieces to come in for that. so that's kinda the holdup. but i think those that preordered will be in for a pleasant treat, i hope. 5 new stickers (and then some) plus some random other items i think people will like. I HOPE. lets just say i broke the bank getting some of these made, ha.

til then - hope the weekend treats you all good.
- start it off with some aphex twin
- stoked on the ghostbusters sequel?
- a really nice writeup on the commonalities between the thing and hateful 8
- in the bag, man. wrap it up.
- this feels like some sort of real world re-enactment of like, your body fighting off infections or something.
- days gone. hmm....gameplay looks wild.  or stressful.
- a real eyeful.

lastly, if any of you hold to the belief in prayer, my grandpa stout is nearing the end of his 92 year journey, he's been a rock in our lives and we're glad to have known him. right now we're just hoping he's here til next tuesday, when my parents get back from overseas, seeing my sister graduate from glasgow university. watching this made me think of my gramps, he was a navy man and had some pretty harrowing experiences. life.