captains log 0091: the wrap

so, rose city came and went. sarah had a blast. i actually did as well, though the food court cheese pizza helped steady my hand. i don't know what the future holds for more cons, but at least i can now die happy. or at least die slightly less sad, depending on the manner of my death. we had some old prints to sell, the pricetag was a bit steep, but most of them i just had a handful of, so hopefully people don't hold that against me. hold it against sarah if you have to. anywho, now you know what going to comic cons is like. onto the next chapter of my life.....

til then:
- akira related. coloring akira. differences between the manga and the film.
-really nice heat talk.
- dying light. is that actual gameplay!? no. obviously.
- speeding ad. an interesting bummer of an ad.
- rest in piece jon polito. didn't make the news worldwide, but to me, a real iconic actor that had some great roles. millers crossing being one of my favorite.