captains log 0092

after a long week of work, i'm enjoying thirsty thursday. and what goes better with this than some tunes? nuffin.
- Trampled by Turtles-Wait So Long. man, i'm digging that. good dudes.
- heard this on the radio today on my drive, spoke to me. been a long while.
- in an alternate universe, this makes sense. in this universe, we're stuck with this.
- this dog, man, this dog. unrelated, we're getting our fifth rescue dog sunday. is that too many?
  can you have too many dogs? i feel like i'm about to find out.
- this was a trip. so pretty.
- this was kinda interesting, for you lilo and stich people.
- other than that....this is who i'd vote for. if i could vote.
- to avoid ending on that joke, this looks really gorgeous.