captains log 0107

so, for those of you that asked about my film picks of 2016, for the historical record, i finally done did one and posted it here.

secondly, some of you inquired about this frame contest results, it did actually wrap up a number of weeks ago, rene picked the winners and we sent out the prints. he did a live drawing / reveal on this facebook page, i assumed people were on it and knew about it but when i started getting emails, realized that wasn't the case, apologies. thanks again to rene for running it from start to finish and donating the prints. i know he got some flak for it but it was only because of his generous heart that it happened in the first place, so thanks for that, rene. for those that didn't win, thanks for contributing to a pretty nice frame gallery that future generations can look on for potential frame inspiration.

lastly, its been a hard week, losing miguel ferrer to the coffee table grenade that is cancer. robocop, deepstar six, twin peaks. a memorable actor that will be missed. on a positive note, happy birthday to john carpenter. still the legend.