captains log 0108

greetings. so, i'm sure it goes without saying, but everythings been shipped and if you haven't got it, drop us a note. i'm sure its fine. totally fine. but just double check.

unrelated, if anyone knows of any account manager / project manager type job openings, drop me an email, i'm putting the word out there for a family member, appreciate it.

til next one -
- thanks to kayley who sent me this, pretty rad way to turn some oversized shirts into pillowcases. or in my case, i just wear the shirts, my body is the pillow.
- everybody wants to kill bruce 2
- sculpt off. dance off.
- box alien. was it a real thing? or just mis-remembering / mis-interpreting what they were seeing on screen for the first time.
- civilization. what comes next?
- nightmare fuel for your ears. seriously, i will have nightmares about this. apply this to cleanse the demons.