captains log 0106

so, by tomorrow everything *will* have shipped, i believe. sarah has like 50 stickerpacks left to package up then boomski, done. let us know if you're not seeing shipping this week. normally shipping works like...every day things ship out, for like a week. so things arrive at different times for different people. if you're not happy with your order, obviously let us know, ship it back, etc.

other than that, should be pretty well settled up for last years business, let me know if i owe anyone anything. i shouldn't, but if you're waiting on me for something, lemme know. til then...

- carrie fisher in blade runner? probably not according to reports, but still, looks like her.
- qt and sir ridley on film stuff. always interesting. those other dudes are like 'what are we here for?'
- choice / radiolab. heard this on npr. pretty interesting. to a numbskull like me.
- hey, itsah Claudio Mazzoli, whaddya expect, fuggedaboutit.
- the prayer by this lady. play it at my funeral, it'll be hilarious.
- alien: covenant.... i might see this.