captains log 0128

long time no update. how to sum up my last month....hmmm....well i went to india. and it was a trip. other than that, i have a couple band prints coming out soon, if you're into music. other than that, another round of links for my friends.
- bladerunner 2: the quickening. honestly, i really enjoyed it. not 'its better than the original' enjoyed, but still, a beautiful looking film that washed over me like warm slime. i could care about how much money it made, but i'm not a weirdo. a good film is a good film, and the best are often under valued. ps - a nice little prequel that should have made the final cut. and yet they could have trimmed a bit of other stuff down. felt like we got the directors cut IN THEATERS.
- speaking of in theaters...i'll be seeing this for sure. looks great. and this could be great as well. even if its direct to video.
- in retrospect, alien covenant...bit of a letdown. ah well. can't all be homeruns.
- city of violence. how violent.
- save movie madness....i have a membership there. lotta weird stuff. save it but keep it out of reach of kids and small animals.
- Freddie Mercury meets California Raisins.
- my friends did this short film - Spooky Club. expect great things from them.
- another pal who lives right near me, amazing illustrator. his beverage designs are amazing.