captains log 0129

slacking on my updates. looking like ... next week i'll be selling my QOTSA prints, plus some uncut alien handbill prints, plus a super limited amount of my Captain America Civil War metal prints. so that should be something. i also did a print for foo fighters but alas, the show was canceled. you can still pick up the print here, with proceeds going to charity. not sure if they're selling the variant at another time or mixing it in with the regulars or what. other than that, not much to report, hope everyone's Thanksgiving goes good. may it be filled with turkey, wild or otherwise. (EDIT - this week, though not 'early' this week, apologies. trying to finish up a thing).

also, unrelated
- dog eat dog
- seeya later, gator.
- finished season 2. pretty fun.
- fincher related. that mindhunter is pretty good. he's got the eye.
- this coke commercial has a Don Bluth feel to the animation. and this was plain neat.
- still surprised Blade Runner 2: Leon's Revenge didn't do well. amazing work.