captains log 0109

valentines day is almost upon us. hopefully sarah forgets. just kidding, i'll wing it, it'll be fine.

hopefully all goes good, til the next big update, heres something almost better. links to random internet things.
- the perfect valentines day video. that rihanna has put on a bit of weight, bold move.
- just kidding, this is obviously the perfect valentines day video. classic sixx.
- i saw this and it wasn't half bad. not as good as Stakeland, but still, pretty good.
- comic sans. pretty neat to hear the thought that went into it.
- monkeys. unsettling. tetris god. i believe it. akira production. geez.
- weirdly i can relate to this. i mean this, obviously. my career in a gif.
- dark knight visuals. pretty rad stuff. this bernie wrightson news on the other hand...not good stuff. if you haven't checked out Batman: The Cult, its awe inspiring stuff.

lastly, if you've got any leads on people looking to offload their collections of g.i.joes...drop me a note. i'm always on the look out for possible trades. '82-94ish figures.