captains log 0112

welp, another month without a post from me, i'm slackin. i have my Captain America: Civil War posters in hand, so i assume the sale will be upcoming. sarah will figure out what works best. it'll be a lottery, free to enter as always.

also, i'm in a poster show with Marq Spusta in portland, oregon, sometime this spring? i think? just as a heads up, it'll just be a show of pieces i've done from the past few years, not movie posters, mostly music posters, some art type prints.

til then -
- fellow poster artist Dave Hunter has some medical bills going on, a good guy to support.
- some pretty interesting alien covenant trailers coming out. pretty stoked. can they recapture the magic? also looking forward to baby driver.
-probably been 7 or 8 years since i re-listened toThe Smiths. , but they're still awesome.
- a classic moment from watchmen. or rogue one. or mike mignola / rob liefeld.

lastly, deeply bummed about bernie wrightsons passing, as well as bill paxton. both giants in their fields. they will be missed.