captains log 0116

nothing new really to report, some artprints and posters and whatnot on the horizon, plus some sticker packs, which i personally enjoy. so if you're on my mailing list, your email will ping when those are around.

also, if you haven't seen alien: faceburster, i enjoyed it. not quite the impact prometheus had on me, but still a fun time. and sets up a future universe that is dark and foreboding.

other links - too many, too many.
- james rheem davis sent me this shirt that he saw in his travels abroad, in venice. funny.
- also, neat to see this palmer patch sewn on, as well as this pros and cons frameup. interesting sidenote, i was watching In Like Flint and realized Palmer's jacket patch is a reference to that film, which i did not know. z for Z.O.W.I.E.
- also, eric houtman has been updating me over the years and has finally completed getting his thing handbills signed by everyone that's still out there signing, pretty awesome.

other than that, just some links i enjoyed -
- interesting bladerunner article on deckard / gaff. plus an article on the films type.
- some neat alien covenant stuff - behind the scenes / hbo first look
- jeff soto has a show up in austin, i meant to link this last week, typically late me.
- alien 3 script story, plus a star trek / daft punk mashup that really works.
- interview with me about my alien soundtrack packaging.