captains log 0118

hey thanks to all that came out for the show, it seemed both small and fun-filled at the same time, moved at a brisk pace and felt like we got some stuff signed, so that's good. special thanks to those that made the long journeys from out of state and to other long-time friends who i was like 'what are you doing here?' it was heart-worming. i mean warming. plus years ago when we were dating sarah asked if i was going bald and i was like 'no i just have thin hair' and so far, the pact holds. SARAH.  so, yeah, thanks again, always a humbling experience to be among friends.

til next time
- highlander poster - effective use of black and white photocopy machine
- blacksmithing with barry pepper
- okja / yeah i'm interested
- john williams speech / award / thing
- tarantino type credits
- pretty moving article about foster care. man's a legend.
- apparently vans lets you upload your own graphic now for shoes. i'm testing the quality, but could be preeeeeeetty neat.

ps - i donated some prints to be sold for a fundraiser thing, but i don't have the link. if someone has it, lemme know.