captains log 0125

so, all orders have shipped and should have arrived. if you haven't gotten your order...or tracking...drop me an email at info at and we'll sort you out.

up next, stickerpacks, finally. and they're actually all packed up already, ready to ship, so these will be quick turnarounds compared to the last sale. fingers crossed. i'll send out an email, if you're on my mailing list you'll get the note. if you're not into stickers, no worries, but i'm pretty pleased with em. tuesday i believe. round noon, pdx time. plenty to go around.

til then, in these tumultuous times... better people than me have said it best
- ted leo / rappaport's testament
- bad religion / them and us
- pennywise / competition
- donnis iris - love is like a rock
- the dickies - give it back