captains log 0126: stickerpacks

edit, so i had some stickerpacks, they sold out much quicker than i anticipated. anyone with buyers remorse, please drop me a note and we can get your money back to you. also, if you ordered in two different orders, let us know and we'll refund your second shipping.

just as a fyi, our shipping process isn't automated, so we don't know if someone placed two orders or one, its only something we see when we're shipping (and sometimes not even then, which is why you might get two orders in two different shipments). so if you placed two separate orders and paid shipping twice, we don't automatically refund the second shipping, you'll have to let us know. its not an attempt to make extra money on double shipping charges, its just how our shipping works. to be clear, this only affects people who purchased something, paid, then went back and ordered again, paid again.

til then, thanks for the orders, the support, all of that good stuff. always appreciated and hopefully i don't let you down.