captains log 0160

so, everything has shipped. if you didn’t get a shipping notification, drop me a note, sometimes orders drop through the cracks, hate to say it, so the helpful email checkins never hurt my feelings. also, let us know if it arrived in less than good condition, all banged up, folded in half.

if anyone’s interested, i do have a few copies left available here.

special thanks to sarah for all her shipping efforts. she can now get back to her first love, making music.

til next time
- this is sick. i always thought arachnids were cgi. turns out, i was a fool.
- kinda neat seeing something from my early career, not that i made this or anything, but i was in vermont from 2002-2005, working on some burton snowboard stuff. i used to be somebody, as i often tell my kids.
- making a skate video. secrets revealed. bit of language $(@)#%*