captains log 0176

edit: so the stuff i had for sale is sold out, thanks for that. i remain humbled and not worthy of your orders, but i appreciate them.

up next, i have a movie poster venture that is in its last throes of getting approved. it might not be great, but its happening. til then:
- the subtle genius behind spiderverse’s prowler
- a limited breakdown of the mindhunters editing
- this colorguide from 1692 is the bees knees
- teenage angst by any other name…if these walls could talk
- best news of my week. good job science.
- a new theory on se7en. seve7n. sve7ne
- enjoy oranges? possible brand of deoderant idea.
salutations. i have two new prints for sale. i also have a few older prints i’m letting go, to make room for the newer stuff. flatfiles can only hold so much. posters are 1 per person unless otherwise noted.