captains log 0169

greetings. weekly update number one billion. i’ve had a few questions about that lebowski print, just wanted to make a helpful little chart here, so you know sizes. just so you don’t mistake a little handbill for da big ones. the big ones all have circles. sorry for the confusion. they’ll be for sale soon, but not for a bit, not this week by any means.

in other news -
- this elephant is something else. man, i love elephants.
- earth day special. i do not love this and it is bad.
- room for rent. gotta say, big brett gelman fan, he is a fungi.
- this nick song has been in my head for about 30 years.
- this dream song. love it.
- butch vig breaking down these nirvana songs is awesome to watch. been nostalgic for nirvana lately. weird. whole series of em.