captains log 0170

been slacking on the updates lately, trying to get caught up on work. and failing for the most part. but this week i’ll have a poster sale, some art print related business, a festival poster, and my dude artprint i did for spoke art. should be fun. they are a myriad of different sizes, and i’ll list all the sizes, just something to be aware of when purchasing (for those of you that do), so you don’t purchase a print expecting something 18x24” and it ends up being 6x6”, i’d like to avoid that. when in doubt, the cheaper stuff is usually the smaller stuff, if its 10$ or something, its probably a smaller print.

so if you’re on my mailing list i will be harassing you this week. til then,
- kinda a cool thing, slowly working through all the basterds.
- ol theodore logan meeting sonny chiba
- mad max bits and pieces
- vincent schiavelli short doc, the original marfan manhunter.