captains log 0174

ah the celebration of our nations independence has come and gone. success. a couple pieces in the pipeline, nothing too crazy. some stickers as well, for those of you that love stickers. which is one of you, todd. thanks todd.

til then, some links to amuse and amaze.
- the head hunter. going to check this out, flew under my radar.
- alien awakening. after covenant i’m surprised they’re giving it another go, but i look forward to the continued adventures of david the bad robot.
- QT discussing movie stuff.
- inspiring speech by sir arnold. when in doubt, proceed to the helicopter. i’m paraphrasing.
- this song by michael kiwanuka is music to my ears. i mean, its literally music.
- the holy lebowski trinity discuss a classic.
- boris vallejo, who i saw at the last con i went to, discussing his painting stuff. amazing.