10.03.14- - 
 check out the Guardians of the Galaxy LP album released by Mondo .

 09.16.14- - 
due to a tube misorder (3" instead of 4") these last birdman artprints are going out later than we had hoped, but should all ship this week. apologies. update: all of the artprints have shipped out, please drop us an email if you haven't received yours.

09.10.14- - 
alright alright alright.
ulfhedinn is getting wrapped up and shipping, sarah's on it. will post pics once she has a chance to take some better quality shots.

09.05.14- - 
i am hoping artprints are printed and ready to ship this next week. fingers crossed.

also, if you have a minute, please vote for my friend joe, here. he's done some amazing films and is an all around good guy.

09.05.14- - 
survey results are in.....

i am mainly interested in the 8 people who are happy with just tubes. i need those people's names, because i have plenty of empty tubes to sell.

anywho, appreciate everyone's participation, it doesn't mean stickers or patches are dead by any means, i just wanted to gauge people's interest. and it sounds like Patches are the clear winners. 



FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - Updated August 1st, 2008

How can I get on your mailing list to be notified of upcoming poster releases?
under CONTACT, there is a form at the bottom with a GET ADDED TO MAILING LIST tag. put your email in that.

PLEASE do a reprint of this particular poster, I will buy it!
these are commissioned posters, i can't just keep printing them, i would be fired by the clients i work for. these are one time promotional posters for specific events. i'm allowed to sell some, but after those sell out, that's it. 

I bought a poster from the Alamo drafthouse and its numbered but not signed. Why?
alamo drafthouse / mondo tees tstout posters are not signed, just numbered. the copies i sell on my site are signed and numbered out of the same edition as mondos. so, 1-200 may be signed/numbered, 201-400 might just be numbered. this is done for a variety of logistical reasons, since mondo is in austin and i'm in brush prairie and my screenprinter is in seattle.
I purchased a poster of yours and it is not signed, if i mail it to you will you sign it?
unfortunately no. while i have done this in the past, a lot, there's just too many requests for me to keep up, and they start to pile up, and some are getting damaged during shipping, and its just becoming impossible. if i'm ever at an event or something and you bring posters for me to sign i'm more than happy to sign them, i'll sign all day long. its just the shipping that i can't do anymore. 

Where else can I find your stuff for sale?
postersandtoys.net has stuff of mine, as does pandorasprints, postercabaret.com and lonestarposters.com . also, expressobeans.com - which is kinda a gathering place for poster enthusiasts. Note: as far as i know all these places/people are on the level, but i'm not actually involved in any way if you buy from them, so theres that. plus, i have absolutely no control over any prices other than the ones on tstout.com. i price them here, everyone else prices them on their own sites.

How do I buy a poster from you?
if you're on my mailing list, i'll send out an email when i have a new print for sale, with purchasing instructions. usually paypal is the only way to buy posters from me, but anyone with a credit card can use paypal i believe.