07.23.14- - -
If you're at San Diego Comic Con right now, i have a contest going where you can win a handbill or two, plus those that play will be eligible for a free copy of my next mondo poster, whatever that may be.

Details here.

07.21.14- - -
good stuff
- forest man
- scissor man

rip james garner. castaway cowboy was an old favorite growing up.

edit: wow, eastwood on garner. great stuff.

07.14.14- - -
- ah, tiny birthday hedgehog
- Les gens sont fous
-  who owns what. weird.
- how to speak gooder
my sister said it was a bit preachy but i liked it.

great interview with poster legend Renato Casaro

07.11.14- - -
ah the weekend.
i'm livin' it, you lovin' it?

- duet ... for sarah
- roy g biv
- super lion
- box
- the mind / alan watts
- north atlantic skies

07.11.14- - -
looks like kukuweaq 3 and umphrey's mcgee are all sold out. thanks very much for your orders.

i think all the refunds have happened (a few on the kuk3's, apologies). so i think the dust has finally settled. thanks again.

07.11.14- - -
a mass email is going out
now with this info

07.08.14- - -
hopefully everyone still has their fingetts after our nations holiday.
- movin out
- tangerine dream
- quartz into glass
- frozen as handdrawn movie

kinda interesting articles.
- timelogs scam. shame.
- as a scandinavian, i relate to this.
- plutocrats? pitchforks? i dunno.

06.28.14- - -
some new stuff coming out this next month, been too long, i know.

til then
- Betamax vs Vhs
- paralympic ad. nice.
- Elliphant - live til i die
- Sabah
- Goodbye Eli

06.10.14- - -
man, summer. lifts ma spirits. all this normandy remembrance reminds me of my grandpa. he was in the pacific theater, but still a big part of my ww2 memories.

in other timelines
- Lean on Me
- Jolene
- P.S. Hoffman
- Erasure Always
- Time Machine

05.31.14- - -
due to getting a lot of emails asking about my lack of things, just want to let people know i'm fine, its all fine. you've heard the expression, good things take time. well so do bad things. so there ya go.

until then
- robosuit
- wright comedy
- grand budapest special effects
- thin hamster
- parkour dog
- robocop symmetry
- courtroom sketch artist

05.15.14- - -
well i was hoping to update my site with actual new work but things get moved around,  i will try to not let that keep me from updating.

in other news:
- becoming sumo
- johnny express
- remembering moebius
- weezers blue album
- rip eddie valiant

04.19.14- - -

happy birthday to my young clover, one of the lights of my life.

- anyone know of a place that still makes these feature matches? awesome stuff.

- cats. cats. cats.
- mugshots. classic.
- c2c / delta

04.17.14- - -
a followup on that charity thing. everyone's making money except me. i'm making dreams..icles.

- portrait of daughter
- from russia with love
- oscar worthy Pac Rim sfx

04.12.14- - -
- this means something.
- neon signs, making of
- new bruce timm batman
- batman vs the terminator
- fed up. i love sugar.

04.01.14- - -
ah, april 1st. the perfect day to post true information. everyone will believe you.

but in all seriousness, received my money from the gallery and heres where the charity portion went. hopefully its pretty transparent for everyone, email me if you need better details to followup with anyone, just to make sure its all above board. thanks for your orders, as always.

03.23.14- - -
i am working, i am working.
in other news
- Wheels for kids. wow. more info about this program.
- traits / hulk
- yikes. shark.
- jeff goldblums laugh
- let it go...metal
- mike mignolas top pieces

03.18.14- - -
man this year is flying by.
- type men
- it paints me to see this
- otomo. the man.
- land of the lost prometheus.
- ah...dolphin.
- more dolphins. or whales
- learning through disney.
- squirrel me round.

03.09.14- - -
all packages have been shipped, if you don't have tracking info drop us an email

some nice frame pics
- akira 01
- big trouble 01 / 02 / 03
- drive 01 / 02
- drive blood 01
- inglorious basterds 01 / 02
- lost boys / big trouble 01
- robocop 01 / 02 / 03
02.28.14- - -
the last of the prints should go out this monday, if you haven't received shipping confirmation yet. til then...
let the weekend wash over you.

- suspicious minds
- unchained melody.
  even at the end, still had it.
- stormjumper
- test drive
- acid wolf
- feeding freakout
- slow motion fetch

02.25.14- - -
my head hurts
- chasing ice.
- bamboo trains
- my high school buddy micah and his new guitar.
- nice, very tempting

02.22.14- - -
recently i had a survey (of one question) that i posted on my site. thanks to all that took the time to answer. you have to trust me that i didn't manipulate them in any way. i didn't even vote myself.

from the results, it seems like people are split pretty much in half, so either way i'll make half of you happy. this isn't in regards to anything specific, just wanted to satisfy my own curiosity. i really do appreciate you humoring me with your feedback.

02.22.14- - -
posters are being packed up, getting ready to ship this next week. if you purchased both the jimi hendrix poster and the north woods poster, let us know, and we will refund one of your shipping payments.

02.13.14- - -
- art of the thing credits
- teen lobo
- mammoth. i'll take 2.

-buddy esquire
the flyer king of hip hop, rip.

02.09.14- - -
- nice piece re: letterman / leno
- sunday times icons
- reggie watts: TEACH
- street fighter 2 history
- herblock

02.02.14- - -
glad my home state gladiators done good.

very sad regarding the passing of
mr philip seymour hoffman.

02.02.14- - -
a new print coming out thursday. more info here.

plus, the amazing
- Model 777
- Let it cover the earth
- Portlands Kye Kye
- Subway Palm
- Otomblrrrr
- my ideas vs my execution
- after all these years...still good.

01.17.14- - -
this is me when i recommend movies to people.

- this on the other hand, i wish i lived in toronto. or near it.
- a cool drawing video
- ah...beauty. full.
- blade runner / alien ideas.
- oh homer. so literal.
- great sam neill interview.

01.15.14- - -
people always ask, "what are you working on?" and now i can finally say, This . my best of movie list of 2013. whew. finally got that out there. done. taking the rest of the month off. sarah isn't happy.

01.07.14- - -
greetings, 2014. another year. we made it. this thursday there's a show in seattle i was supposed to be in. only problem, my piece is not done, not printed. so i might be up there later this month. possibly. maybe. will post here if so. apologies, hopefully no one was going just to see a piece by me. lots of other amazing pieces there.

in other news
- honest action: home alone
- smart drawrins'
- coffee, baldwin style
- don't stop beliebin'
- the luckiest revolution
- cheetos

12.30.13- - -
last of 2013?
- normal rockwell
- alan moore. knows the score.
- children of men. classic.
- jeff goldblum. classic.
- non-swimming dog.
- lookin for these, any leads?

- meeerrry Kot'baval