all work / poster inquiries can be directed to and hopefully someone will get back to you in a few days.

Q: how do i contact you?
A: sure,, goes right to me. or sarah. probably sarah. sometimes me. us. we?

Q: i would like to purchase a poster of yours, how may i do so?
A: you can purchase a print if it's for sale under my 'Store' section. otherwise its probably sold out and cannot be purchased, my apologies.
most of the prints i do are limited edition screenprints, and usually i am contractually prohibited from printing additional copies to sell.

Q: i have a question regarding a print of yours i purchased?
A: drop me an email and we'll get it figured out. together. my love.

Q: can i mail you this poster i have of yours for you to sign/doodle on/drive your car over?
A: unfortunately, due to the high number of posters damaged in transit, we don't offer this service. i'd be happy to sign any number of prints at the next event you see me at.

Q: are you planning on attending any upcoming events this year?
A: if i do, i'll announce it on my site.

Q: Do you take private commissions? Commission clubs?
A: not currently.

Q: do you have framing suggestions for a print?
A: actually, you can read more about that here.

Q: can you tell me what you are currently working on?
A: alas, i cannot. something terrible to behold, i would imagine.


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