captains log 0060

friday again. man, my updates suck. needless to say, calendars should hopefully be done printing soon, will keep you updated on that. plus sticker packs are shipping, el vy posters ordered on their own shipping, but anything ordered with calendars won't ship til the calendars are ready. as always, email us for updates / concerns.

i assume other than this past set of orders (calendars / elvy posters / stickerpacks etc) that i'm square with everyone else? let me know if not.
til then
- climbing crazy
- orca crazy
- struzan crazy or prometheus crazy. which is probably more in my budget but still, both awesome.
- basketball crazy?
- mechwarrior obviously a ed209 reference crazy
- backwards driving crazy
- lion tamer crazy
- avengers crazy
- tunnel vision crazy

captains log 0059

ah, friday. my lunar calendar wraps up today, so act quickly while supplies last. a critical necessity in case the upcoming werewolf apocalypse gets out of hand. plus only a few more days to bid on my silent auction, which already has surpassed my expectations so that is nice.

been a hard week, i'll admit. lots of talented people shuffling off this mortal coil. it feels surreal. i saw the quote by cs lewis - 'The death of a beloved is an amputation' - and i would agree with that. memories live on.

captains log 0058

some bobs and bits for sale, if you want to check them out.
i'm selling my 2016 Lunar Calendar (very little competition for calendars this month, pretty crazy, i should have waited til Summer!) - also selling some sticker packs plus a chance to purchase my Cast and Crew Avengers Variant, with all proceeds going towards charity.

head on over here to learn a bit more about them. if you like. up to you. i can't force you.

captains log 0057

hey new year, good to meet you. i had some stuff i was hoping to come out with end of last year, that el vy print, some other misc stuff, but alas, family stuff surpassed my ability to make it happen. SO, maybe soon, maybe not, i'm trying.

til then...
- johnny flynn. really digging his sound, two netflix shows later, detectorists and scrotal recall and he's blowing up. really impressed.
- obviously anything Traitor related amuses me.
- great phil tippett doc. awesome.
- a really moving gif.
- and for old times sake i'll link a couple oldies i enjoy, ALT J and Hot Chip.

captains log 0055

CHRISTMAS WEEK? boy howdy. i haven't seen the star wars yet, so don't ruin it for me. just tell me this, do they bring back Nute Gunray? i know he was 'supposedly' killed by vader, but hopefully with some clever retconning JJ was able to bring him back.

in other news, i told my kids this was a classic growing up. they were disgusted. yet charmed.
- mad world...prophets of their time
- celles et french. someday they'll make a legit moebius movie. this is a good.
- look at this dog. just look at it. can you imagine the training process? horrifying.
- hippo charging. that actually is kinda nuts. you wouldn't like me when i'm...hungry.
- this is me most of christmas eve.

lastly, you might think i'm the famous one in my family. but you'd be wrong.

captains log 0054

man, only a few more days, gonna be crazy at the theaters. i bought my tickets way ahead of time. obviously you know what i'm talking about.

- my gijoe search has come to its end, pretty much. i've replaced the base of my collection. and then a few others. i still have holes of course, but getting there, getting there.

-in other news, that star wars thing is also coming out. i think we can all relate to this. but our parents are like this.
- alien news? sure. but what about the other alien news? sure. kinda a starship trooper vibe towards the end.
- interesting article about Fujita Yukihisa - brought to mind one of my favorite animes as a teen, tank police. i had plenty of friends. in my head.
- speaking of being alone, don't despair. it'll happen. someday.

captains log 0053

so, a new week is upon us. upates on stuff: 99% of goonies posters have shipped, some damages are coming back, some crushed tubes, alas, price of doing business with our chosen mail provider, Elephant Shipping. shirts - doing a press check this week for colors, should be shipping next week, fingers crossed. nice.

til then
- this was probably the first star wars movie i saw growing up. i still love it. STILL.
- nice guys. i'll see it, shane black directing? sold. Warning: Profanity.
- i've heard some people knockin' ol supes vs bat-mite, but to me, yep, i'll see it.
- finally, an easier way to sell posters. this thing will revolutionize the poster lottery.

captains log 0051

shirts printing, posters shipping. the hustle and bustle of december begins.
- symmetry of wes anderson
- so many iguanas. like little dinosaurs.
- interesting goonie related item, baby sloth taking a bath. he aged weirdly.
- life of a 98 year old. my grandpa's 92.
- snoop doggone it. pencil weirdness.
- star wargs. hopefully we find out what happened to boss nass. and did luke ever settle down and marry that tauntaun? geez, so many questions.

lotta g.i.joe offers. some a bit more outta my range than others. i mean, sarah would not be happy if i bid on this. but we'll get there. just to kinda put it in perspective, they do come up now and again for sale, i don't mind people shooting for the stars but please don't be offended if i pass on your offer. appreciate all the offers though, keep em coming.

captains log 0050

any old g.i.joe collectors out there? i'm looking to rebuild my collection, sadly lost a few years back, gone to the sands of time. only the years 1982 through 1988. if you've got some that you're no longer into, lemme know. i'm not really looking for the 'i'll trade you Xamot for a Robocop poster' type of deals. obviously at that point i could just sell something of mine and buy xamot and tomax both.

but if someones sitting on a few old joes and wants to trade for a handbill, or a bunch for a poster, that kinda deal is what i'm looking for. your castaways for mine. guns and accessories, not quite as big of deal, i'm looking mainly for the figures. don't have to be in the box obviously. and again, not wanting to open up the whole can of 'I got some MASK figures if you're interested' worms either. lets keep it joe-only, 82 thru 88.

captains log 0048

another poster sale come and gone. i've talked about why i sell prints via the lotto before, so i won't go into it again. but if you didn't get a poster, its thanksgiving week, enjoy this time with your loved ones and don't sweat the small stuff. its only a poster. if you missed this one, we'll have another one down the road. as you know, posters are kinda my babies.

til then, stay weird. ok, not that weird. medium weird. ok, slightly happy weird. perfect.

ps. last chance to pick up one of these shirts, presale ends tomorrow.

captains log 0047: goonies poster sale

update #3: 2nd round of emails have gone out. several refunds have happened, according to sarah, people entering twice, or purchasing without being picked.  that pretty well wraps it up, thanks once again.

so the goonies poster sale lotto is up, here is the info. you should be getting an email from me if you're on my mailing list, its going out now.

watch this space for any additional info, if you're worried. i wouldn't worry though, should go smoothly. i will stop worrying about it now. ok NOW. ok NOW. five minutes. tomorrow.

captains log 0046

so, couple of things. i added a 4XL and 5XL design to the shirt sale. if you bought a different size previously and would like to upgrade, let me know and i'll refund your previous order.

secondly, i'd like to auction off a print for a charity thing, high bidder wins. i could just say 'email me your bids'. i could have people post their bids in the comments. ideally i guess i'm looking for something less ebayish. recommendations in the comments.

other than that, its a holiday week, so sit back, relax and enjoy the melodies.
- get a horse. so great. classic mickey.
- space exploration: pushing boundaries.
- i'm never eating skittles again. or reeses.

captains log 0045

so, got some shirts up for sale, its kinda a test of this whole shirt sale system, seeing how it treats us. so if you feel like being a guinea pig, pick one up today! its a presale and will continue through this week. no pressure, no pressure. a yellow version on american apparel and a sand tee on gildan 50/50. let me know if you have any questions or concerns. thanks!

captains log 0044

so far, i don't have my goonies prints, so i am still unsure when my copies go up for sale. once i get em, things will be set in motion. til then....
- bartkira. what a legacy.
- a very murray christmas. kinda an old school vibe to this. seems like it should have a muppet. kinda a scrooged vibe to it? fingers crossed.
- prometheus 2 mild news. interesting to hear what happens to shaw.
- pac rim effects breakdown. this movie has kinda won me over upon repeat viewings. i wasn't on board initially, but i enjoy it now quite a bit.
- another print i donated is up for sale on the ol ebay, all proceeds going towards a good cause.

captains log 0042

thinking about getting some shirts printed up. if you have a moment to cast a vote on tshirt preference, i'd be in yer debt.
(in the survey i mixed up the two descriptions, American Apparel is typically thin, 50/50 is thicker)

- more prometheus news. sir ridley scott is not getting any younger, makes me nervous.
- red vs yellow. humorous, though it goes both ways, i know.
- biker scout segway. yep.

captains log 0041

remembering our veterans today. my dogs and cats salute you. ho ho. special thanks to my dad and my grandpa who both served. my other grandpa served as well, i still dream about him, 10 years later. my favorite kind of dreams.

- writer behind prometheus explains prometheus. no bones about it, i was a huge fan. i know some people weren't. but to me, it was perfect. DON'T MAKE ME DISABLE THE COMMENTS AGAIN.
- this guy. he gets it. he did a corn one that was so true as well. here it is. funny.