captains log 0007: shipping

small update on foo fighters, they've all shipped and should be arriving in the days to come. we sent out 6 foils, three of each version, so its kinda a 1 in 15 shot people will get one.

foils are kinda a tricky business, super easy to leave fingerprints on, super easy to see small creases, scratches. if you get one and aren't happy with it, definitely let us know. the one caveat would be we'll have to replace them with regular edition prints, due to not having more foils. but let us know if you aren't happy.

captains log 0006: the Frame game

now and again someone will frame one of my prints, and i sometimes get asked for framing suggestions, which i am terrible at. but my friend Rene has put together this flickr group of framed prints, and you are welcome/encouraged to submit photos of any framed pieces (of mine) you think people would enjoy. personally i enjoy any frame photos, i am very vain.

info wise, email your photos to
optional info to include would be:
First Name / Last Name (only if you want that displayed)
Frame Specs:

Rene's been good enough to set all this up, so thanks to him, he's kinda the moderator of the page. at the very least check it out if you need any frame ideas.
thanks - t

captains log 0004: Life after Sales

well glad to have that sale business over with. feel free to browse through my work under the topics listed above, music and movie posters etc. hope to eventually have one for stickers, maybe even shirts.

til then, these were amusing and/or amazing
- old school dollmaker
- always interesting QT interview
-  paper mache t-Rex
- the power of cat compels you

captains log 0003: Foo Fighter / Artprint / Stickerpack sale

Sale is over, thanks for your orders.
just a heads up that i have some things items for sale. click here to read a bit more about em.

EDIT: can't have a poster sale without a few mistakes. shipping, we'll be shipping Foo Fighter prints by themselves. artprints will be shipping with sticker sets. some of the first orders were charged twice for shipping. while its been corrected with bigcartel now, if you were affected drop us an email, we'll get it sorted out. thanks.

captains log 0001: greetings and welcome

hi, thanks for checking out the new and semi-unimproved - i hope you enjoy your stay here. things are still in transition in terms of updating galleries, correcting info, all that jazz. if you notice a glaring mistake, please feel free to drop me an email. while this new template system is not perfect, we shall learn to embrace it. or ridicule it.

so, hopefully new fun things to come. thanks!