captains log 0163

edit#3: last edit (i believe): thanks for all your orders, the sale’s pretty well done. i said i’d post a link to my store with any leftover prints, so here it be. please only order if you haven’t purchased any true romance prints from me at all. sarah is going through the orders and emails today, so feel free to re-email any questions if she hasn’t gotten back to you. thanks again for all the support and kind words. and that’s all she wrote.

edit#2: so, new emails for a second (hopefully last) round in the lottos should be going out after 9PM PST, and those will be active throughout the night. Any leftover copies will be available tomorrow in my store, or i’ll update my site here with more info. thanks.

edit: so, just a heads up that the first round of emails have been picked and sent out. don’t give up hope though, always a few people that don’t end up picking up a print. so after 9pm tonight more emails will go out, so feel free to check this site later tonight or tomorrow.

so, i’m having an email lottery for my true romance poster. if you haven’t participated in one before, its basically a way of trying to give everyone an equal chance of picking up the print without crashing my online store. its not hilarious fun and takes considerably more work than just putting things up for sale in my store, but it’s my valentine gift to you. this way, even if you lose at the lotto, you still win by getting to keep your time and money.

hopefully it all goes well and everyone has a great valentines day. thanks.

captains log 0161

end of january, crazy. didn’t even put together my best films of 2018. mentally i have a list though. i’ll post it.

til then
- thanks to reagan for this cool shot of his lunar calendar in the nasa building, pretty rad. and thanks for dave f. for these tattoo shots, wild stuff.
- chuck jones, cool stuff
- PES trilogy 1 / 2 / 3, amazing stuff
- gi joe / operation star fight, beautiful stuff.
- classic letterman, hilarious stuff
- happy towers, morose stuff
- diving with the tabpoles, frog stuff

no sale this week, in case anyone thought there would be. sarah’s still wrapping up calendar orders. of which i still have 10 left. available through tomorrow, then you’ll have to wait six months and buy one for half price, ha.

captains log 0160

so, everything has shipped. if you didn’t get a shipping notification, drop me a note, sometimes orders drop through the cracks, hate to say it, so the helpful email checkins never hurt my feelings. also, let us know if it arrived in less than good condition, all banged up, folded in half.

if anyone’s interested, i do have a few copies left available here.

special thanks to sarah for all her shipping efforts. she can now get back to her first love, making music.

til next time
- this is sick. i always thought arachnids were cgi. turns out, i was a fool.
- kinda neat seeing something from my early career, not that i made this or anything, but i was in vermont from 2002-2005, working on some burton snowboard stuff. i used to be somebody, as i often tell my kids.
- making a skate video. secrets revealed. bit of language $(@)#%*


captains log 0159

well the calendars have arrived from the printer, so those will be going out soon. apologies on the delay. i’m pretty pleased with how they turned out, glow inks and all.

also coming up, my true romance prints have arrived, so i’ll try to sell those soon. sarah needs a bit of a break in shipping though, so it probably will be a week or two.

til then, behold the protong. i’d really like to track that book down.
- turbo kid jam, pretty nice. race to paris. caped. tons of jams.
- its simple, we kill the Scatman.
- 1POINT95 GIGAPIX. got some zoom on ya.
- oh man, who’s gonna spot me five hundo for a billy zane voicemail?
- robocop. batman.

captains log 0158

just a heads up that sticker packs are shipping, though calendars are finishing up printing so haven’t started going out yet. if you ordered 4 or 5 sticker packs (or more), those might ship in a few different packages. if you have any questions, feel free to a drop me a note. i will keep you updated as i get more info.

til then, listen to pizza guy on repeat.
- or read about charles harrison, goodbye charles and thanks for all the inventions.
- radical face. more like kinda radical, amiright?
- goodbye mean gene and superdave. entertained.
- cinema watches. almost makes me wish i could tell time.
- marvel posters explained! this is poster related and i’ll watch it someday to learn about posters.
- favorite band from college? Twin Sister. incredible live. simply incredible. still got the cd.

captains log 0157

well shoot, thanks for the purchases. i actually had a boatload (official measurement of the seafolk) of stickers, so it took awhile to sell em. so i am happy about the sales. the calendar is looking good as well, slap some glow inks on this baby and boom, got yerself a lunar calendar!
still another day to purchase, but it has probably run its course. and thats ok!

if you’re hoping to present these as gifts for christmas, here are two different certificates you can download and print. let me know if they don’t work. the idea behind the lunar calendar is kinda honoring nasa and the work they do. you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work there….but it helps. boom, tshirt idea.

in terms of pros and cons, i’ll let them fly to their new homes before revealing them, but there should be twelve (or is it 13???) of them, plus variants of each, so get your checklists ready. i had fun with them. each series typically has 6 characters, so this is Series VI and Series VII. hopefully they prove to be fun to mix and match.

ps saw spiderman into the spiderverse and man o man, possible best movie of the year for me.

captains log 0156

hi all, thanks for visiting. i’m probably forgetting something due to lack of sleep, but i have stickerpacks for sale, as well as lunar calendar preorders. click here to purchase.

edit: thanks for the orders, much appreciated. working on that sticker certificate now, as well as the lunar calendar certificate.

also, i’ve heard that certain browsers are having issues with bigcartel, my apologies. in particular, chrome. so, if you’re having trouble, that might be a fix, switching browsers. or we can send you a paypal invoice.

let me know if you have any questions. thanks!

captains log 0155

i’ve had a few questions about that true romance print. i’ll have my copies for sale once i get them in hand, definitely after christmas. if you’re on my mailing list, you’ll get the notice.

i’ll also have a sticker pack sale and lunar calendar sale (i hope). just finishing up the calendar, which delays the rest. classic ty.

til then, make sure you wish this guy a happy birthday on saturday, he finally qualifies for social security!
- tim burton’s batman forever
- the call of the wild
- Miyazaki / Working with CGI / The Birth of Boro
- look what this guys up to! killing it.
- more fury road stuff. neat. or this super mario thing. funny.

captains log 0154

edit#2: the counters have arrived at a consensus. we didn’t remove/disqualify any comments, just due to the nature of this being a pretty loose contest, i didn’t specify big rules. so going by each comment being a number, the four counters agreed on -

90: Emmanuel A / 173: Brett / 288: Jeremy Adams / 319: Arkadiusz Wisniewski - so if you’re one of these people, drop me an email. i’ll go through the comments and try to find you as well, but if you read this and want to make it easy, email me.

edit: so i have four people going through finding these numbers, i picked four just due to the amount of entries. i’m sure i can find four damaged prints. these four people aren’t aware of each other, so we should be able to get a impartial consensus. that’s the hope. all for damaged prints, i tell ya!

til then, enjoy this holiday season with some non-seasonal links.
- these faces, isn’t that something?
- the reason alien covenant dropped the ball, isn’t that something?
- ronald reagan, wasn’t he something?
- True Romance cut scene with Jack Black, that was something!
- this instagram teaser that people emailed me about, something!?

also, i have a person who has emailed me a few times looking for this print, let me know if you have it and are interested in selling, i’ll put you in touch. its such a specific print, done so long ago, i’d like to help him find it. anywho.

captains log 0153

so, shipping has completed, if you don’t have tracking on your orders, plus let us know.

thanks again for all your orders and for helping me look like a normal business person in front of sarah. she has her doubts, believe me.

hopefully next week we’ll have some smaller items for sale. will update as i know more.
til then -
- this greatest showman wasn’t the best movie of 2017, but i gotta say, amazing soundtrack. talk about chemistry.
- Y2K aesthetic. turns out, the decade that time forgot actually did have a style. not a good one, but still.
- crazy cool tom and jerry sculptures. interesting hellboy article about the mignola empire.

sad to hear one of brush prairie’s own - Army 1st Sgt. Eric M. Emond - lost his life serving, wanted to take a moment to give thanks to him and his family for his service. hard news to bear.


captains log 0152

EDIT: so, on this artprint, the edtion is 114, which was kinda a reference to this. i mistakenly said the edition was 100, so if you purchased and that extra 14 is killing ya, let us know and we can get your money back. and actually since none of these have shipped, we can always refund all the way up til shipping, if you change your mind. also, i’ve had two emails from people recently that ordered way back in july whose posters never arrived, lost within the gears of the us postal service. if your order never arrived, please email us, we always want to know, no matter how long its been.

posters are packing up and shipping this week, so hopefully you receive shipping notice, let us know if you haven’t received one by december 3rd. thanks again for the emails and orders, hopefully new stuff on the horizon.

til then, some links that i thought were neat.
- wes anderson color palettes
- burger king ad. yep, makes sense.
- aliens comic versions, in order of readability. supposedly.
- enter the ninja. one of the better death scenes.
- this sums up my career in some ways. in a fun way? maybe.
- i hate this. and now you can too.

captains log 0151 - poster sale

updated edit: looks like the sale has ended, appreciate the orders, sorry i wasn’t given more prints to sell, with many properties i’m only allowed x amount to sell. i do appreciate all your interest. i’ll have another big print in less than a month, plus another few odds and ends that hopefully are a little less limited. thanks again for the kind words. sarah loves reading through all your emails.


so, i have some posters for sale. my Isle of Dogs print for Spoke Art Gallery, my Phish poster for their austin show, another artprint. They’ll be dropping here, not exactly all at once, but just close enough to spread em out, give em each their own moment in the sun.

we’re limiting people to one copy of each thing. so one isle of dogs print. one phish print. one artprint. you can buy a dogs print and a phish print for instance, but not a regular and variant isle of dogs print. if that makes sense.

as always, appreciate your support, email me at with questions.

captains log 0150

i have a new print coming out at a spoke art show this week. i’ll have a few copies for sale afterwords (not this week probably), plus i’ll finally have my phish print for sale as well. double trouble.

til then
- halloween soundtrack / new carpenter stuff. still haven’t seen it. heard mixed reviews.
- true romance making of. nice.
- aquascape. probably better than aquaman will be.
- ww2 posters. classic seuss. DOCTOR OF WHAT???
- pater. carving.
- remo williams. WHERE ARE THE SEQUELS??? tremors i guess.
- overlord. looks pretty sweet.

captains log 0149

well shoot, some posters have been approved, the printing business is under way. fun times. i got nothing exciting else to report.

unless you find random links exciting, then boy oh boy, you’re in for a treat.
- this came out. it ain’t kid friendly but man, it was great. there are a few songs the sandman sings that are so epic-ly great i wish they were on youtube. i laughed. i cried. i rewatched.
- this band came to pdx and was robbed, as is the traditional portland greeting. donate to their fundraiser to help em buy some new music stuff. get it together portland.
- crocodiles. wave of the future.
- jurassick beats, malcolm / burke’s fate / yet another great looking van gogh flick.
- awaken akira / akira
- a forest by the cure.

captains log 0148

long time no update. i actually have a movie print making its way through the approval process, plus some smaller things printing, my goal is by years end to have two movie prints available, an artprint, some sticker stuff and handbill stuff, and a lunar calendar. not all at the same time, but spaced between now and then. so stay tuned if you’re on my mailing list.

til then, heres some links that caught my eye. my buddy tom sends me lots of links, so thanks to him for some of these.
- blade runner cuts / blade runner dos
- cameron on aliens
- trailers Border & Vice. man that vice one, thats how you cut a trailer.
- my buddy kyle posted a pretty neat process video. he’s the king of beer labels.
- some inspiring art: al parker / charlie allen
- longtime portlander will vinton has passed away. local legend.

thanks for all the kind words recently, always appreciated. our family lost our Uncle Chuck today, not suddenly but taken far too soon at 74. as i grow older, my role models start passing, and he was one of them - gave great advice, loved people, loved listening, loved fishing (he was famously a catch & release guy). served as a captain in vietnam, worked for Washington State’s Fish and Wildlife service almost his entire life, volunteered as a CASA worker. incredibly gifted with woodworking. our neighbor. just an amazing human being (or “wonderful” as he’d say). my kids love listening to this on repeat and today it struck me how much Life really is the greatest show, and he was part of our show. seeya on the other side, Chuck.


captains log 0147

well shoot, where did the summer go? been too long since an update. been hunkered down trying to complete some deadlines. finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, so that’s good.

til then, i got these sweet links.
- always relevant, Tarantino on De Palma, on Stallone, on Kill Bill, on film
- Alien pathogen / hive survival / WY timeline
- Lynn Varley’s Dark Knight colors
- History of M.U.S.C.L.E
- 12 Monkeys stuff. need to check it out again.
- video game i have never played, fun easter egg
- sometimes you’re the vet. sometimes you’re the shiba.

unrelated (or semi-related to my general downbeat vibe lately, been having health issues in our family lately, never fun, apologies on any missed emails or late emails. lot on our minds, heavy hearts, slumped shoulders. shuffling forward. appreciate good vibes. it’ll swing up again, it always does.

captains log 0146

posters have all shipped, if you haven't gotten shipping notifications, let us know. any questions or concerns, let us know. letterpress pieces should be shipping this next week, so watch for those.

til then, audio, video, disco.
- i'm interested in seeing these. GLASS / GODZILLA / ALITA. all could go either way. course battle angel has a lot to live up to.
- mignola dump
- hey portland video stores. ive been to these.
- henson boy modeling school. behind the scenes.

captains log 0145

hey all, its that stressful time of year again. i have some prints for sale, go here to read more info.

i actually have a few different things going on, so definitely if you have a chance to peruse that whole blog post, give'r a read through.

edit: looks like some prints have already sold out. always worth mentioning, bands only let me sell a very limited amount. they sell the majority of the prints at the show. i wish i had more prints to sell, i like making money sometimes, but i only have what i have, when they're gone they're gone.

edit part II: hopefully sarah has been responding or will respond to any queries, i usually stop checking emails during sales  because i have whats known as 'weak constitution' when dealing with people that may be upset. so sarah deals with the emails, good and bad, while i watch Fright Night on the tv. that Brewster, he's so cool. anywho, sales pretty much over, this will continue through the night (but no more surprise drops). make sure you check out this letterpress, printed in the hills of hockinson by adventure storeys, i think it'll be a nice one. they also printed this one, awhile back.

captains log 0144

hey all - just a heads up that this week i'll be sending out a mass email regarding poster sale stuff. no reason to keep hitting refresh, the email will arrive and all will be well. if you're interested in a poster i mean. it's ok even if you're not interested, i think.

til then, enjoy the apocalypse.
- rip harlan ellison. this advice from him has stuck with me for years as a freelancer. too real.
- batman ninja. yeah, nuts.
- yer war face.
- interesting article on those that died at mt st helens.
- jurassic park vehicle replica. nuts.