captains log 0025

well the results are in and apparently i need to get on that handbill gallery. thanks for taking the time. timeline wise, i'll have ultron prints for sale first, talked to D&L and we are weeks away from having goonies prints for sale. such is life.
- tyler stout avengers giveaway on collider. i won't be selling this one, as it was for cast and crew only. not sure why any are out on the internets, but apparently its QUITE THE CAST AND CREW. the world is your cast, my friend. sign my cast. plaster cast. castaway.
- gamera 2015
- obi pratt. small smile.
- haha. stupid hamsters. hampsters? hammers.

captains log 0022

to answer everyones question, yes, i will have my alien poster for sale at some point. if its a movie poster i get copies to sell, its how i pay for my extravagant lifestyle. well, posters and selling blood.
- funk life.
- i miss john ritter. geez.

captains log 0020

friday funday. just finished up the last parts of some upcoming things, so look for those out in the wild. until then....
- the greatest television event ever...
or skip to this and play this and this side by side, simultaneously
- i'm a part of this poster benefit, so there ya go
- brain freeze
- engineer casual
- star nerds, this made me smile
- 1995 avengers, age of ultron

captains log 0019

just caught up on season 2 of the strain, watched all of the episodes in the past few days. i'd recommend it, if you're into pandemic type stuff. speaking of which, caught cooties as well recently, pretty fun.

in other news
- who is 'the thing' discussion. interesting to read.
- prometheus 2. P1 was one of the better films (for me) of the past 5 or more years, so i'm stoked.
- more on that flow hive. interesting.
- great googly moogly
- skate > die

captains log 0018

all prints have shipped, all glory to the hypnotoad. or in this case, sarahtoad. email us if you have package troubles, its important we keep track of how these packages arrive, quality wise.

- cat brain freeze.
- predator: dark ages. lotta work went into this. kinda long but still admirable.
- this made me myself.
- this is awesome. john carpenter album of his music. i'm digging it.

speaking of john carpenter, thanks to eric for sending me this, he's had his BTLC poster signed and its awesome.

captains log 0016: they what??

all packages have shipped, i've been told paypal doesn't send out an automated tracking number, but if you log into paypal you might be able to track package that way. all usa orders should be arriving in the next few days.

regarding handbills, most of these had a pros&cons series 3 handbill included, sarah only sent out three of the 6, the rest of them will go out with some future items. guaranteed repeat business, yeah buddy. i won't be selling these as sets, since i know how hard some people work to collect em all, not really as fun when i just sell em as a set. fun.

EDIT: to clarify, i'm all out of those three handbills now. so hold onto em and eventually you'll have a chance to collect all six. if you want.

let us know if you have any order problems / concerns / happy thoughts. thanks again.

captains log 0015: carpe denim

for your (my) amusement -
- meat pizza meet wall
- threw it on the ground. 75 million views and its new to me.
- interview with yours truly. i'm not a smart man, jenn-ay.
- FOTS facebook group. a group of fellers and lady fellers who might have thoughts / advice on different tstout related monstrosities. i'm not in this group, but i know the guys that run it and they're good guys.

captains log 0014: yeah budddaaay

yep yep, end of a long weekend, fine by me. tomorrow is three weeks since our artprint sale, and we mentioned it could take 3 to 4 weeks to print and ship the timed art prints. happy to report they started going out yesterday (along with sticker packs), and more will go out tomorrow, so those are on their way. huzzah.

in other news.....
- i'm on fire.
- i live in a bunker
- i want honey on tap
- i give it up

captains log 0007: shipping

small update on foo fighters, they've all shipped and should be arriving in the days to come. we sent out 6 foils, three of each version, so its kinda a 1 in 15 shot people will get one.

foils are kinda a tricky business, super easy to leave fingerprints on, super easy to see small creases, scratches. if you get one and aren't happy with it, definitely let us know. the one caveat would be we'll have to replace them with regular edition prints, due to not having more foils. but let us know if you aren't happy.