captains log 0176

edit: so the stuff i had for sale is sold out, thanks for that. i remain humbled and not worthy of your orders, but i appreciate them.

up next, i have a movie poster venture that is in its last throes of getting approved. it might not be great, but its happening. til then:
- the subtle genius behind spiderverse’s prowler
- a limited breakdown of the mindhunters editing
- this colorguide from 1692 is the bees knees
- teenage angst by any other name…if these walls could talk
- best news of my week. good job science.
- a new theory on se7en. seve7n. sve7ne
- enjoy oranges? possible brand of deoderant idea.
salutations. i have two new prints for sale. i also have a few older prints i’m letting go, to make room for the newer stuff. flatfiles can only hold so much. posters are 1 per person unless otherwise noted.

captains log 0175

man alive…its a man, alive. after an extensive break, i guess we have a poster sale coming up, music prints, a few of those. and its looking like a movie poster sale a bit after that. i know, promises promises. but that’s the plan. otherwise sarah tells me we’ll be moving back in with my parents. i call dibs on the top bunk. but yeah, thursday expect a mass email, if you’re into music prints.

as always, subscribe to my mailing list if you want info on the upcoming sales. otherwise…
- sir moebius’ talent remains unlimited
- goodbye kinks Ian Gibbons - lived on a thin line.
- this is an amazing soundtrack. the movie, not so much.
- coming to terms with the passing of d.johnston.

captains log 0174

ah the celebration of our nations independence has come and gone. success. a couple pieces in the pipeline, nothing too crazy. some stickers as well, for those of you that love stickers. which is one of you, todd. thanks todd.

til then, some links to amuse and amaze.
- the head hunter. going to check this out, flew under my radar.
- alien awakening. after covenant i’m surprised they’re giving it another go, but i look forward to the continued adventures of david the bad robot.
- QT discussing movie stuff.
- inspiring speech by sir arnold. when in doubt, proceed to the helicopter. i’m paraphrasing.
- this song by michael kiwanuka is music to my ears. i mean, its literally music.
- the holy lebowski trinity discuss a classic.
- boris vallejo, who i saw at the last con i went to, discussing his painting stuff. amazing.

captains log 0173

posters have all shipped, though a few animal handbills are still going out.

but more importantly, random internetz
- steve albini interview
- rare cult vhs
- horse video
- hunting down a sound. interesting to me.

new poster site up and running, - will be fun to watch it grow. still miss the ol gigposterdotcom, lotta memories.

captains log 0172

sarah said most posters should have shipped tomorrow, so you should be seeing shipping notifications this week. apologies on the long delay, excuses excuses. lot of end of the year school stuff with the kiddos has delayed her, but still, shame on her for taking so long.

hopefully these hold you til the posters arrive
- get to the Hader
- monkey saying her goodbyes
- these are amazing. well done, person.
- neat little sketch. neat little dance.
- this show looks amazing. ticket to london please.
- found this interesting. heavy stuff. sad.


captains log 0171 - poster sale

EDIT: thanks for your purchases, the sale has completed its function and now the shipping process begins. or at least begins to rumble towards shipping. any emails or questions about combined shipping, order status, drop us a note and sarah will check into it.

few odds and ends for sale here. some are limited to one per person. please email me with any questions, happy to help. or sarah is. just a reminder, heres a size comparison, roughly, so you know what you’re getting when you order which print.

captains log 0170

been slacking on the updates lately, trying to get caught up on work. and failing for the most part. but this week i’ll have a poster sale, some art print related business, a festival poster, and my dude artprint i did for spoke art. should be fun. they are a myriad of different sizes, and i’ll list all the sizes, just something to be aware of when purchasing (for those of you that do), so you don’t purchase a print expecting something 18x24” and it ends up being 6x6”, i’d like to avoid that. when in doubt, the cheaper stuff is usually the smaller stuff, if its 10$ or something, its probably a smaller print.

so if you’re on my mailing list i will be harassing you this week. til then,
- kinda a cool thing, slowly working through all the basterds.
- ol theodore logan meeting sonny chiba
- mad max bits and pieces
- vincent schiavelli short doc, the original marfan manhunter.


captains log 0169

greetings. weekly update number one billion. i’ve had a few questions about that lebowski print, just wanted to make a helpful little chart here, so you know sizes. just so you don’t mistake a little handbill for da big ones. the big ones all have circles. sorry for the confusion. they’ll be for sale soon, but not for a bit, not this week by any means.

in other news -
- this elephant is something else. man, i love elephants.
- earth day special. i do not love this and it is bad.
- room for rent. gotta say, big brett gelman fan, he is a fungi.
- this nick song has been in my head for about 30 years.
- this dream song. love it.
- butch vig breaking down these nirvana songs is awesome to watch. been nostalgic for nirvana lately. weird. whole series of em.


captains log 0168

thanks to ken and john at spoke art for the good time at eccccc, fun times were had by all. or by me anyways. and thanks to all of you that came out, overwhelming and amazing and memorable and a bunch of other things, all at the same time. great to put some faces to some names, and really made this con trip a memorable one.

i believe the spoke art guys will continue having some copies of the print i did throughout the next few cons they are doing, so look for that. i’ll have my copies down the road, when i have a couple things up for sale. shouldn’t be too hard to track one down.

til then, smoke em if you got them. or vape, i don’t know todays kids these days.
- wanderers short film
- 10 things about mad max
- inside llewyn davis, collect em all!
- microsculptures / neat chalk painting

captains log 0167

tis the week of the emerald city con, so if you’re heading up there, i’ll see you there. maybe. i’ll be at spoke arts booth, details here. if you’re not sure if its me or not, i basically look like this. only shorter hair.

UPDATE: in terms of signing, i don’t expect a ton of people to be there, since you have to have an eccc ticket for friday and that will already limit a number of people. those that are actually bringing prints to sign, bring as many as you want. spoke art might limit people to two signatures at first, but just get back in line for more. i really don’t expect to be actually signing from 3:30-7, more like 3:30 til 3:45. once i sign all ten people’s prints, i’ll just be shooting the breeze with the spoke guys. all that to say, i’ll sign whatever, however many. though if too much time flies between people needing things signed, i’ll probably take off, instead of just sitting there. so don’t put it off til 6:50!

speaking of seattle, read this recently. 25 years ago. seems more recent. wild.

captains log 0166

march madness is upon us. if you’re still waiting on a poster, i believe one particular batch has been held up at some facility in the USPS, so we’re kinda waiting on that. hopefully this week they start arriving, pretty much the last of them.

in other news, friday, march 15th, i’ll be at ECCC, at spoke arts booth, signing from 3:30 to 7ish. or less time if no one shows up. i’ll have a new art print there, should be a good time. my buddy bruce will also have a signing, i believe saturday. if you’re in town bring any prints you’d like me to sign, i’ll sign whatever.

til then
- the worst planet on earth. directed by my friends Joe and Lloyd Stas, amazing work.
- saw free solo last night, enjoyed this movie climbing piece on alex honnold
- they live. or do they?
- star always wars. not to be confused with always.


captains log 0165

i believe 99.999% of the true romance prints have shipped out. if you don’t have tracking confirmation by the end of this week, drop us an email. for those curious about the foil edition copies, they were sent out randomly, about 15 copies, and hopefully are arriving this week. i know a few are heading overseas, a few to canada. and of course here within the usa.

if i haven’t said it before, thanks for your orders and continued support, it is baffling to me that i am so fortunate to have people like you, not sure if i deserve it but i’ll take it, ha.

if anyone’s attending ECCC in mid march, i’ll be signing there at a booth, not the whole time but at least for some of the time, so this is a heads up about that.

captains log 0164

the shipping process has begun. sarah’s hoping to have everything shipped by friday, a grip of posters should be shipping each day til then, so hopefully those of you that ordered will be seeing them by next week, at least within the continental usa.

til then, i mentioned i’d post my list of favorite films of 2018, nothing revolutionary and pretty tailored to my personal likes, but here it be.

til next time -
- Tom duBois - The Man Who Drew Konami
- once upon a time in norway, making my way through this. interesting.
- paths of hate.
- luna, this doggone orca, pretty amazing.

lastly, saw this in the news and it was just a real bummer, made me sad. if anyone in the portland area comes across these paintings, hopefully they contact the authorities. just heartbreaking to lose that family connection.

captains log 0163

edit#3: last edit (i believe): thanks for all your orders, the sale’s pretty well done. thanks again for all the support and kind words. and that’s all she wrote.

edit#2: so, new emails for a second (hopefully last) round in the lottos should be going out after 9PM PST, and those will be active throughout the night. Any leftover copies will be available tomorrow in my store, or i’ll update my site here with more info. thanks.

edit: so, just a heads up that the first round of emails have been picked and sent out. don’t give up hope though, always a few people that don’t end up picking up a print. so after 9pm tonight more emails will go out, so feel free to check this site later tonight or tomorrow.

so, i’m having an email lottery for my true romance poster. if you haven’t participated in one before, its basically a way of trying to give everyone an equal chance of picking up the print without crashing my online store. its not hilarious fun and takes considerably more work than just putting things up for sale in my store, but it’s my valentine gift to you. this way, even if you lose at the lotto, you still win by getting to keep your time and money.

hopefully it all goes well and everyone has a great valentines day. thanks.

captains log 0161

end of january, crazy. didn’t even put together my best films of 2018. mentally i have a list though. i’ll post it.

til then
- thanks to reagan for this cool shot of his lunar calendar in the nasa building, pretty rad. and thanks for dave f. for these tattoo shots, wild stuff.
- chuck jones, cool stuff
- PES trilogy 1 / 2 / 3, amazing stuff
- gi joe / operation star fight, beautiful stuff.
- classic letterman, hilarious stuff
- happy towers, morose stuff
- diving with the tabpoles, frog stuff

no sale this week, in case anyone thought there would be. sarah’s still wrapping up calendar orders. of which i still have 10 left. available through tomorrow, then you’ll have to wait six months and buy one for half price, ha.

captains log 0160

so, everything has shipped. if you didn’t get a shipping notification, drop me a note, sometimes orders drop through the cracks, hate to say it, so the helpful email checkins never hurt my feelings. also, let us know if it arrived in less than good condition, all banged up, folded in half.

if anyone’s interested, i do have a few copies left available here.

special thanks to sarah for all her shipping efforts. she can now get back to her first love, making music.

til next time
- this is sick. i always thought arachnids were cgi. turns out, i was a fool.
- kinda neat seeing something from my early career, not that i made this or anything, but i was in vermont from 2002-2005, working on some burton snowboard stuff. i used to be somebody, as i often tell my kids.
- making a skate video. secrets revealed. bit of language $(@)#%*


captains log 0159

well the calendars have arrived from the printer, so those will be going out soon. apologies on the delay. i’m pretty pleased with how they turned out, glow inks and all.

also coming up, my true romance prints have arrived, so i’ll try to sell those soon. sarah needs a bit of a break in shipping though, so it probably will be a week or two.

til then, behold the protong. i’d really like to track that book down.
- turbo kid jam, pretty nice. race to paris. caped. tons of jams.
- its simple, we kill the Scatman.
- 1POINT95 GIGAPIX. got some zoom on ya.
- oh man, who’s gonna spot me five hundo for a billy zane voicemail?
- robocop. batman.

captains log 0158

just a heads up that sticker packs are shipping, though calendars are finishing up printing so haven’t started going out yet. if you ordered 4 or 5 sticker packs (or more), those might ship in a few different packages. if you have any questions, feel free to a drop me a note. i will keep you updated as i get more info.

til then, listen to pizza guy on repeat.
- or read about charles harrison, goodbye charles and thanks for all the inventions.
- radical face. more like kinda radical, amiright?
- goodbye mean gene and superdave. entertained.
- cinema watches. almost makes me wish i could tell time.
- marvel posters explained! this is poster related and i’ll watch it someday to learn about posters.
- favorite band from college? Twin Sister. incredible live. simply incredible. still got the cd.

captains log 0157

well shoot, thanks for the purchases. i actually had a boatload (official measurement of the seafolk) of stickers, so it took awhile to sell em. so i am happy about the sales. the calendar is looking good as well, slap some glow inks on this baby and boom, got yerself a lunar calendar!
still another day to purchase, but it has probably run its course. and thats ok!

if you’re hoping to present these as gifts for christmas, here are two different certificates you can download and print. let me know if they don’t work. the idea behind the lunar calendar is kinda honoring nasa and the work they do. you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work there….but it helps. boom, tshirt idea.

in terms of pros and cons, i’ll let them fly to their new homes before revealing them, but there should be twelve (or is it 13???) of them, plus variants of each, so get your checklists ready. i had fun with them. each series typically has 6 characters, so this is Series VI and Series VII. hopefully they prove to be fun to mix and match.

ps saw spiderman into the spiderverse and man o man, possible best movie of the year for me.