captains log 0048

another poster sale come and gone. i've talked about why i sell prints via the lotto before, so i won't go into it again. but if you didn't get a poster, its thanksgiving week, enjoy this time with your loved ones and don't sweat the small stuff. its only a poster. if you missed this one, we'll have another one down the road. as you know, posters are kinda my babies.

til then, stay weird. ok, not that weird. medium weird. ok, slightly happy weird. perfect.

ps. last chance to pick up one of these shirts, presale ends tomorrow.

captains log 0047: goonies poster sale

update #3: 2nd round of emails have gone out. several refunds have happened, according to sarah, people entering twice, or purchasing without being picked.  that pretty well wraps it up, thanks once again.

so the goonies poster sale lotto is up, here is the info. you should be getting an email from me if you're on my mailing list, its going out now.

watch this space for any additional info, if you're worried. i wouldn't worry though, should go smoothly. i will stop worrying about it now. ok NOW. ok NOW. five minutes. tomorrow.

captains log 0046

so, couple of things. i added a 4XL and 5XL design to the shirt sale. if you bought a different size previously and would like to upgrade, let me know and i'll refund your previous order.

secondly, i'd like to auction off a print for a charity thing, high bidder wins. i could just say 'email me your bids'. i could have people post their bids in the comments. ideally i guess i'm looking for something less ebayish. recommendations in the comments.

other than that, its a holiday week, so sit back, relax and enjoy the melodies.
- get a horse. so great. classic mickey.
- space exploration: pushing boundaries.
- i'm never eating skittles again. or reeses.

captains log 0045

so, got some shirts up for sale, its kinda a test of this whole shirt sale system, seeing how it treats us. so if you feel like being a guinea pig, pick one up today! its a presale and will continue through this week. no pressure, no pressure. a yellow version on american apparel and a sand tee on gildan 50/50. let me know if you have any questions or concerns. thanks!

captains log 0044

so far, i don't have my goonies prints, so i am still unsure when my copies go up for sale. once i get em, things will be set in motion. til then....
- bartkira. what a legacy.
- a very murray christmas. kinda an old school vibe to this. seems like it should have a muppet. kinda a scrooged vibe to it? fingers crossed.
- prometheus 2 mild news. interesting to hear what happens to shaw.
- pac rim effects breakdown. this movie has kinda won me over upon repeat viewings. i wasn't on board initially, but i enjoy it now quite a bit.
- another print i donated is up for sale on the ol ebay, all proceeds going towards a good cause.

captains log 0042

thinking about getting some shirts printed up. if you have a moment to cast a vote on tshirt preference, i'd be in yer debt.
(in the survey i mixed up the two descriptions, American Apparel is typically thin, 50/50 is thicker)

- more prometheus news. sir ridley scott is not getting any younger, makes me nervous.
- red vs yellow. humorous, though it goes both ways, i know.
- biker scout segway. yep.

captains log 0041

remembering our veterans today. my dogs and cats salute you. ho ho. special thanks to my dad and my grandpa who both served. my other grandpa served as well, i still dream about him, 10 years later. my favorite kind of dreams.

- writer behind prometheus explains prometheus. no bones about it, i was a huge fan. i know some people weren't. but to me, it was perfect. DON'T MAKE ME DISABLE THE COMMENTS AGAIN.
- this guy. he gets it. he did a corn one that was so true as well. here it is. funny.

captains log 0040

so, goonies lotto possibly early next week, we'll see, don't hold me to it.
til then, smoke em if you got em.
- el vy / return to the moon
- rod taylor passed this year, heres him on QT, kinda interesting hearing the process.
- just rewatched orca. hmm....not sure it holds up. poster is great though.
- this, as a nailbiter, speaks to me.

captains log 0039

another week begins. probably repeats but its that kinda week
- conan memories. look at dat.
- ellison on dune. nice. i love that movie.
- they liiiiiiiiiiiive
- another potential poster packing prototype

with ol fallout 4 imminent - yes i'll be playing it despite a long sordid history with Glitchthesda, this was a nice article honoring Adam Adamowicz, the brain behind a lot of what makes up the fallout world.

captains log 0038

damaged posters...come back to me, my children, yessss.....honestly the idea of making people cut up posters and send pictures as proof weirds me out, ha. i like damaged prints, they make nice christmas gifts. or bribes for potential employers. but we are working on a new poster packing process that should fix all our problems.

while sarah's working on returns, if you participated in the handbill madness awhile back and have yet to receive a print, lemme know. more than likely, it'll involve refunds on my part, since i ain't made of handbills!

til then, cheers, big ears.
- smoosh the world
- once more, with marty

captains log 0037

so, back to work. back from the dead. hope the week was kind to you.
catching up on emails, so feel free to email with any questions / concerns. if you've already emailed and i haven't gotten back to you, give us another day and then send it again, just to make sure it wasn't lost in the ether.

captains log 0036

so, all posters have shipped. done. all handbills for that handbill thing have shipped. so, let us know if you have problems with your orders this week or next.

i'll actually be away from the ol' office for the next couple of weeks, so might take me a bit to get back to you, apologies. no need to panic, we'll respond as quick as we can, appreciate your patience. and if i don't seeya before then, happy halloween.

captains log 0034

so, posters be shipping, notifications being sent out, its all happening so fast. before you know it, the house will be empty and i'll be alone. again. don't worry about me, i go places in my head.

- man, this would have been perfect for yesterday. Back to Believin'.
- i donated some prints to this thar fundraiser thing and heres a print from it. bid it up. or down.
- artisianal firewood. i'll probably have my own line, no big deal. log subscriptions? who's in?
- man i hope they bring back the ewoks in the next star wars. they're like little wookies

captains log 0032

i know, old to me, but maybe new to you?
- panda bear / boys latin
- every 90's commercial ever
- frozen / blood test
- they live in gif form
these could be reposts from me, i can't even remember.

also random email note: if you've contacted us with a question in the past few days, it'll take sarah or i awhile to get back to you, lotta prints to pack up, add bees to, ship, etc.

captains log 0031

another week begins. the past is behind us, the future full of spiders. per
- interesting insight into some directors /
- spiderman. dude can hoop. uncle ben is avenged.
- the man john carpenter wins a lawsuit. against lockout. weird news in 2015

captains log 0029

2nd update: a second round of about 40 emails has gone out, there probably won't be a third round. appreciate all your entries, all your kind words. sarah appreciates your patience and understanding. as always, i appreciate the support that enables me to keep doing this. so, til next time, smoke em if you got em.

UPDATE Friday EDIT: so the first round of emails have gone out. people have til 9PM PST tonight to purchase, if they don't, then a second round goes out. which won't expire til the morning, so either way people can sleep easy. if you didn't get picked, apologies, it was random. on the plus side you saved some cash. wish i had enough to go around. thanks again.

- if you're interested in picking up a copy of my avengers ultron print, info can be found here. let me know if you have any questions or concerns. thanks!