captains log 0077

well may is almost over, and it looks like i'll have a couple prints dropping in june, huzzah. hopefully they will be good.

- this darwyn cooke talk is pretty great. he will be missed.
- old frank miller and mignola, two of my favorite people. 
- interesting cronenberg total recall concept art
- great alien work. great brian bolland prince piece.
- Noriyoshi Ohrai - another one gone. too good.
- high school girl. humorous. wait for it. avengers what ifs. humorous.

arik roper has worked on this project and it looks amazing, always great work by mr roper.

also, mike king is funding his latest and greatest, mike gave me my first big break in posters, always rad to see his stuff.

captains log 0076

man, taking my time between updates, i actually have some stuff coming out eventually soon, a little letterpress piece and some sticker packs, i hate sending out a mass email on something that small though, so i'm waiting til i have a couple things i can gang up all in one email. thus the delay. but i am not dead, things are moving along at a brisk pace. which is good.

til then, i found these interesting.
- star wars: the font awakens....or didn't awaken, or awakened incorrectly.
- blockhead. neat.
- the master drew struzan on his process. kinda cool. behind the curtain.
- super interesting article on frank millers recent stuff, totally agree. colors can be tough.
- and lastly, man this political race, getting pretty heated, i tell ya.

captains log 0075

a few things for sale on the interwebs. if you're into wearing black shirts, you can pick up an alien related shirt here. plus a poster i did for that gallery f show is still available here.

other than that, its earth day, so celebrate blowing it all up here. plus
- so long little prince, my first exposure to him was batman, and kiss is one of those classics.
- speaking of batman, this mcdonalds movie looks good because of michael keaton. nice.
- this Bill Sienkiewicz artist evolution collection was amazing. highly awesome.

captains log 0074

this friday i'm in a show at galerie f in chicago, if you're in the area you can stop by and see stuff by a bunch of awesome artists. and a piece by me.

thanks to those that came out to mondo's eccc signing, an intimate affair that was over quickly and quietly. perfect in every way. also saw batman vs superman, maybe hearing the reviews lowered my expectations but i enjoyed it, looking forward to the start of this new dc universe. nothing like a shared universe. MULTIVERSE.

captains log 0073

so, just a followup, all ween and explosions in the sky posters have shipped as of thursday. so look for those to arrive this next week. also, friday i'll be at eccc, specifically mondo's booth from 3-5PM, if you want anything signed. just a heads up i won't have anything for sale, it is literally just me sitting there looking like a dog at the pound.

as some of you know, i usually stamp the prints i sell on my site, and i assume if i'm signing your print it has not been stamped. if you'd like it stamped, i did have a stamp made exclusively for this eccc, but you'll have to request it, i won't just be madly stamping the backs of peoples prints. up to you. i'll be walking around the con though, feel free to say hi. i look like this. or this, on a good day. i really enjoy people hugging me, so definitely do that. maybe a light peck on the cheek, i don't mind.

captains log 0072

so, not a big deal but i guess i'll be at emerald city comicon in seattle in a few weeks, signing at the mondo booth. nothing of mine releasing though, as far as i know. but if you're in seattle and want to stop by and say hey, then i'll see you there. EDIT: i believe i'm signing on a friday. i'll be walking around thursday though, so if you see me punch me in the face.

til then -
- rest in piece garry shandling. many laughs were had.
- the LOTR matrix.
- nice job, 21 year old cleaning the ocean guy.
- pac rim saturday morning cartoon
- caldera short film

captains log 0071

just a heads up on my ween print, looks like early next week i'll send out an email about the sale, for those interested. if you're not on my mailing list, you can sign up here.

also, portland oregoners, my best bud tom has a booth at a comic type event this saturday, and i'll be keeping him company. if you're in the area and need anything signed, drop by and i'll sign it. let me know if you might stop by just so i can watch for youz. just look for this handsome lad.

captains log 0070

greetings from the week of our lord, march something 2016. my sisters birthday actually. new stuff on the way
if you're into music, i have a band poster coming out soon.  i am still alive, so that's always a plus. or sometimes a plus.

til then....look at
- lukes sweater
- docs remote control power
- this bear joke. it's real to that dude.
- mac and me share the same birthday! exactly the same day. weird. plus buffy.
- privisa. pretty. wanderers. pretty.
- hateful eight references. i loved this movie. so hateful. so 8.

also in unrelated news, i finally got this charity fundraiser all wrapped up. i'm getting my life together. yeah buddy.

captains log 0069

so, everyone should have their orders by now, if that's not the case, please drop us an email. always important to keep a clean slate. coming up next, we'll be selling our copies of the ween poster we did. stay tuned, those of you on our mailing list.

til then -
- terry gilliam on storyboards / making his movies.
- interesting accent comparisons
- snazzy logo for a restaurant. i am not smart. continually.
- houses of the future
- interview with me on a website
- real life hitman. i was a fan of this game back in the day.

captains log 0067

just a heads up that everything has shipped, finally. let us know if you don't start seeing things arrive in the next few days. its always possible if you ordered a sticker pack and a calendar that we might have shipped one but not the other, so if you feel like that's the case, let us know. hopefully the variant calendars start to glow on you, for those of you that purchased that version.

- furthur frames shared this pic with me, pretty fancy framework. i'll have my copies for sale down the road once the dust from the calendars all settles. my copies will not have gene and dean's autographs, alas.

a few nifty timekillers:
- princess bride behind the scenes
- mad max: fury road behind the scenes
- evolution of star wars changes....just a bit aggravating.
- stanley kubrick's lenses

captains log 0066

just a heads up about my friend ben's kickstarter project, i'll be doing the shirt design for it, you can check it out here.  i assume the shirt will feature a robot of some sort. the kickstarter ends today so throw him a couple bucks to help realize a dream. or don't, its completely up to you of course.

in other news, thanks to mike for these pictures of sir nick frost. pretty cool, pretty cool.

captains log 0065

so, calendars going out, obviously the ones preordered are shipping first, most of those have gone out but the rest of the orders will be going out early this next week. button this one up, as they say. let us know if you have doubts / worries etc.
til then, sooth your soul with these
- The silence beneath the bark
- The Lost Thing
- Zero
- La Luna
- Explosions in the Sky / Disintegration Anxiety
- Betamaxx - Integrated Circuitry

also, just a followup on this, finally worked out the details with OHM and pieces are arriving, have dropped off some stuff and will do a full post detailing the project once its all complete.

captains log 0063

calendars shipping - finally, i know. let us know if you don't start seeing shipping notices in your email.

til then
- how to make your type from the future
- dawwww...vincent van gogh, saved by the doctor
- sunset cruise or haunted keys. both good.
- saw this new (to me) design for travoltas' film blow out. i never cared for the old one, all those years working at video stores and it just looked cheap. well done, new design.
- spirited away tattoo i decided to get....i have a girlish figure, i know. i really need a haircut, sheesh. for serious though, bit of a trip seeing this (because of this)

also, updated music / film / artprints / illustration and handbill galleries. let me know if you see any glaring errors. i'm sure i messed up the sizes and names of a lot of pieces, i can't remember that stuff. i'm old, soon i will be dead.

captains log 0062

so, my lunar calendars have arrived, being signed and stamped, shipping this week. a couple of you have inquired about ordering one, i should have some extras but i have to get these all shipped first. for those of you that have inquired about my ween poster, i'll definitely have copies but have to get all these calendars shipped, wait for them to arrive, etc. so it'll be a couple weeks, apologies.

for those of you that have ordered a calendar (and read this post in the next few days) - i did print up a few of a different colorway that you can see here - if you'd like to receive this colorway instead, let us know by dropping us an email between now and tomorrow. personally i still prefer the blue/red combo, but i was curious about metallic silver/green, totally up to you. no email from you = no change to your order. i'll also be adding a few extras to hopefully make up for me putting out a lunar calendar 2 frigging months late. no excuses, just bad planning. so hopefully you'll be happy when you get it. if not, let us know, we can always do refunds etc.

also just as an aside, updating my website, should have my handbill archive done soon, sticker archive is now up and running.

captains log 0061

update on the calendar...still waiting on them from my printer but soon as they're done we'll be shipping. kinda sad to get a calendar in feb/march, but i'll be adding some extras to make it (hopefully) worthwhile. if you're not feeling it anymore and would like a refund, no hard feelings, just drop me an email and we'll get you sorted out. apologies again.
- the snackarchist
- night of the comet: unbelievable
- anyone used this framing place? good experience? nay?
- i have had this song stuck in my head for 20 years. almost.
- well this rocks.
- a nice tumblr of animated stuff.  no sound. just play this in the background.

captains log 0060

friday again. man, my updates suck. needless to say, calendars should hopefully be done printing soon, will keep you updated on that. plus sticker packs are shipping, el vy posters ordered on their own shipping, but anything ordered with calendars won't ship til the calendars are ready. as always, email us for updates / concerns.

i assume other than this past set of orders (calendars / elvy posters / stickerpacks etc) that i'm square with everyone else? let me know if not.
til then
- climbing crazy
- orca crazy
- struzan crazy or prometheus crazy. which is probably more in my budget but still, both awesome.
- basketball crazy?
- mechwarrior obviously a ed209 reference crazy
- backwards driving crazy
- lion tamer crazy
- avengers crazy
- tunnel vision crazy

captains log 0059

ah, friday. my lunar calendar wraps up today, so act quickly while supplies last. a critical necessity in case the upcoming werewolf apocalypse gets out of hand. plus only a few more days to bid on my silent auction, which already has surpassed my expectations so that is nice.

been a hard week, i'll admit. lots of talented people shuffling off this mortal coil. it feels surreal. i saw the quote by cs lewis - 'The death of a beloved is an amputation' - and i would agree with that. memories live on.

captains log 0058

some bobs and bits for sale, if you want to check them out.
i'm selling my 2016 Lunar Calendar (very little competition for calendars this month, pretty crazy, i should have waited til Summer!) - also selling some sticker packs plus a chance to purchase my Cast and Crew Avengers Variant, with all proceeds going towards charity.

head on over here to learn a bit more about them. if you like. up to you. i can't force you.

captains log 0057

hey new year, good to meet you. i had some stuff i was hoping to come out with end of last year, that el vy print, some other misc stuff, but alas, family stuff surpassed my ability to make it happen. SO, maybe soon, maybe not, i'm trying.

til then...
- johnny flynn. really digging his sound, two netflix shows later, detectorists and scrotal recall and he's blowing up. really impressed.
- obviously anything Traitor related amuses me.
- great phil tippett doc. awesome.
- a really moving gif.
- and for old times sake i'll link a couple oldies i enjoy, ALT J and Hot Chip.