captains log 0016: they what??

all packages have shipped, i've been told paypal doesn't send out an automated tracking number, but if you log into paypal you might be able to track package that way. all usa orders should be arriving in the next few days.

regarding handbills, most of these had a pros&cons series 3 handbill included, sarah only sent out three of the 6, the rest of them will go out with some future items. guaranteed repeat business, yeah buddy. i won't be selling these as sets, since i know how hard some people work to collect em all, not really as fun when i just sell em as a set. fun.

EDIT: to clarify, i'm all out of those three handbills now. so hold onto em and eventually you'll have a chance to collect all six. if you want.

let us know if you have any order problems / concerns / happy thoughts. thanks again.