captains log 0131: Fire Sale

UPDATE NUMERO TWO: sale is winding down, just calendar preorders left, and those will end tomorrow (thursday), so thanks again for all the orders and kind words. important note: if you requested a shipping refund and don't get one by end of thursday, drop us a note, sarah's taking care of them currently. lotta figuring stuff out on her part, we can't combine all orders because somethings (pins) don't ship great with other things (posters), so its kinda a balancing act, what can ship together and what can't. appreciate your patience and if you don't get a refund by friday, drop us a note.
UPDATE: hey, thanks for the orders, hopefully everyone's having an ok experience with that new store. sarah's going through emails and trying to get back to people as soon as possible. let us know if you see specific problems. til then, this is great. great job joe.
so, i have a bunch of stuff for sale, head over here to check it out. i actually have two stores, one with posters and one with pins and patches and other smaller items perfect for stocking stuffers. and let me tell you, any kid under the age of, like, 18, is going to be bummed to get those as stocking stuffers.

let me know if you have any questions, i tried to set things up correctly but its a lot to manage, and sarah usually runs the sale itself while i run off into the woods. if you see a weird shipping cost, or accidentally purchase two of something you meant to purchase one of, let us know and we'll get it fixed. thanks again for the years of support, means a lot to me and my family.