captains log 0121

heyo, i guess this week we'll have a poster sale, sadly no stickerpacks at the moment. but some art prints and ween posters and stuff like that. if you're on my mailing list you're get a note when the sale is, or i'll post it here. or i guess i can blow the dust off my twitter account and post it there as well. technology, does the work of ten men, and a boy.

til then, hope everyone has a good week.
- light people face.
- wanderers
- blades of glory, continues to be a modern classic
- what happened to monday. bit of a children of men vibe.
- mortal kombat, behind the scenes. get over here.
- no lie, i was in a kids choir back in the day, and we learned this song. and i still find myself singing it. brains are weird.