captains log 0123

well shoot, august already. time flies. sooo, long story short, i had more orders than i expected of older prints in the last sale, and it made me feel....well it felt weird to send out just older prints by themselves. so i thought it'd be cool to get a new print printed to include with those orders, so that's been kinda the holdup. it finishes printing this week and hopefully its worth waiting for. if you'd prefer to just skip the free print stuff and get just what you ordered, drop me a note and we'll get that sent off. but if you can wait a bit longer, we'll be sending these out shortly. and then, the sticker pack sale. i can hear everybody chanting now, 'we hate stickers.' its too late, they're coming.

so, that's all the news thats fit to print, this is a family publication after all. PG-13, if you get my meaning. wink wink. and on that note....
- look at these elephants. ain't that nuts?
- type stuff. movie type stuff. these type of articles give the impression i'm a smart designer. smoke and mirrors, i assure you.
- speaking of trigger. seafret. delta heavy. the avalanches.
- 3d printing. what will they think of next? electric cars? deodorant?
- the foreigner. starring Sir Jack Chan. a return to form? no. but still? hmm.
- and lastly (and most importantly) - monkeys in film. so many lost opportunities.