captains log 0137

so, hopefully in the next two weeks or three i'll have some new handbills and stickers, as well as a print hopefully. if you're on my mailing list, you'll get the beep beep update, easily deleted or sent to the spam folder. til then -

music to calm the savage beast
- rentals / waiting - pixies / velouria - breeders / cannonball -
- dire straights / walk of life - okilly dokilly / G.L.D
- amazing collection of original big trouble props
- the art of a tapestry thing making thing.
- neat making of 2001, kubrick style
- 12 hours of video game progress....down the drain.
- snowmobiling done right!
- stallone's rocky poster, OG
- starship trooper brainbug making of. or prometheus ideas.
- clay cat or small town. hard to decide.