captains log 0141

so, if you haven't received your order by now, drop us a note. i assume its on its way but never hurts to double check, that's sarah's job. that she sometimes does. in addition to her other duties, whatever those may be. chilling at the beach i assume. if you're interested in hearing when my recent poster for Trey Anastasio Trio is for sale, you can sign up here for my mailing list and i'll notify you when they go for sale. i don't have a ton though, apologies.

til then, just breathe
- classic carpenter mix, i'm interested in that new halloween reboot.
- classic herman cain, we could have had this guy as president??!
- secret santa
- some nice spartacus posters
- this is why i don't ride a bike. or exercise in general.
- its a small world. after all. huh.