captains log 0143

well shoot, i'll have a sale eventually, sorry about the delay. soon as i finish a poster, i'm like 'lets do it!' then another poster deadline crops up and the kids are wrapping up school and sarah can't ship stuff and it all goes to arizona. i'll go bankrupt eventually.

BUT, its in the works, probably not next holiday week, but definitely the week following, TREY, KENDRICK, IMAGINE, FOO F'ers, another band, art print, some older stuff to pay for dog vet bills. it'll happen! it has to, right?

til then, enjoymo
- average & expert. didn't love that movie but that guy can frame a shot.
- sable - or moebius, the video game
- huntdown. everything comes back around. again.
- i felt like solo was missing that true star wars feeling.
- the passing of R.A.Greenberg. legend.
- The Thing playset. nice.
- my buddy / college friend / mentor Dan, nice video on his family. a true inspiration.