captains log 0145

hey all, its that stressful time of year again. i have some prints for sale, go here to read more info.

i actually have a few different things going on, so definitely if you have a chance to peruse that whole blog post, give'r a read through.

edit: looks like some prints have already sold out. always worth mentioning, bands only let me sell a very limited amount. they sell the majority of the prints at the show. i wish i had more prints to sell, i like making money sometimes, but i only have what i have, when they're gone they're gone.

edit part II: hopefully sarah has been responding or will respond to any queries, i usually stop checking emails during sales  because i have whats known as 'weak constitution' when dealing with people that may be upset. so sarah deals with the emails, good and bad, while i watch Fright Night on the tv. that Brewster, he's so cool. anywho, sales pretty much over, this will continue through the night (but no more surprise drops). make sure you check out this letterpress, printed in the hills of hockinson by adventure storeys, i think it'll be a nice one. they also printed this one, awhile back.