captains log 0163

edit#3: last edit (i believe): thanks for all your orders, the sale’s pretty well done. thanks again for all the support and kind words. and that’s all she wrote.

edit#2: so, new emails for a second (hopefully last) round in the lottos should be going out after 9PM PST, and those will be active throughout the night. Any leftover copies will be available tomorrow in my store, or i’ll update my site here with more info. thanks.

edit: so, just a heads up that the first round of emails have been picked and sent out. don’t give up hope though, always a few people that don’t end up picking up a print. so after 9pm tonight more emails will go out, so feel free to check this site later tonight or tomorrow.

so, i’m having an email lottery for my true romance poster. if you haven’t participated in one before, its basically a way of trying to give everyone an equal chance of picking up the print without crashing my online store. its not hilarious fun and takes considerably more work than just putting things up for sale in my store, but it’s my valentine gift to you. this way, even if you lose at the lotto, you still win by getting to keep your time and money.

hopefully it all goes well and everyone has a great valentines day. thanks.