captains log 0050

any old g.i.joe collectors out there? i'm looking to rebuild my collection, sadly lost a few years back, gone to the sands of time. only the years 1982 through 1988. if you've got some that you're no longer into, lemme know. i'm not really looking for the 'i'll trade you Xamot for a Robocop poster' type of deals. obviously at that point i could just sell something of mine and buy xamot and tomax both.

but if someones sitting on a few old joes and wants to trade for a handbill, or a bunch for a poster, that kinda deal is what i'm looking for. your castaways for mine. guns and accessories, not quite as big of deal, i'm looking mainly for the figures. don't have to be in the box obviously. and again, not wanting to open up the whole can of 'I got some MASK figures if you're interested' worms either. lets keep it joe-only, 82 thru 88.