captains log 0051

shirts printing, posters shipping. the hustle and bustle of december begins.
- symmetry of wes anderson
- so many iguanas. like little dinosaurs.
- interesting goonie related item, baby sloth taking a bath. he aged weirdly.
- life of a 98 year old. my grandpa's 92.
- snoop doggone it. pencil weirdness.
- star wargs. hopefully we find out what happened to boss nass. and did luke ever settle down and marry that tauntaun? geez, so many questions.

lotta g.i.joe offers. some a bit more outta my range than others. i mean, sarah would not be happy if i bid on this. but we'll get there. just to kinda put it in perspective, they do come up now and again for sale, i don't mind people shooting for the stars but please don't be offended if i pass on your offer. appreciate all the offers though, keep em coming.