captains log 0098

greetings and salutations. less than two weeks til thanksgiving. what a glorious season, one of my four favorites. just a quick update that these prints will be going out tomorrow mostly (a few tuesday) and should be arriving at your doorstep by the end of this week. if anyone's interested in a cat, i also have a couple spares of those lying around (i feel like a neighbor might have left their cloning machine on and we're reaping the results. turn it off, man!)

as for my print, it will be for sale shortly, but first these orders must ship out, so either end of this week or sometime next. regardless, if you're on my mailing list you will get a note harassing you about its availability when that becomes apparent.

until then, let this cheer you up, or bring you down, or just wash over you like dishwater.
- ghost in the shell: the movie. huh. or perhaps Valerian CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS.
- a short interview with the great bernie wrightson, who is truly a legend, truly.
- a nice little cooking tip we can all benefit from.
on a more serious note, or notes.....
- 57 years apart. i'm right between these two, though quickly racing towards one.
- man on the street, a worldview.
- live fully now, by alan watts
- what really matters. an interesting look at quality of life, and death.