captains log 0099

alright alright alriggght, hope alls good. i got to thinking, its kinda a big week with a lot of people's families, plus some sort of shopping event on friday that people participate in, so i'd rather not add to the madness with a sale. so if you're on my mailing list, you'll get an email ahead of time, before the sale, which won't be happening this week.

last handbills sale update, all have shipped, most should have arrived. heard some reports of parcels being folded in half to fit mailboxes, sarah talked to the post office and they assured us this was not supposed to happen, they officially blamed 'new postal workers.' so, apologies. they try hard, they're good people, but sometimes mistakes are made. if you got a damaged handbill, drop us a note, we'll sort it out.

til then...
- majora's mask
- this is how you die. cheery. just in time for the holidays.
- drop a WHAT IS THAT POSTER IN THE BACKGROUND? i'm on youtube, i've made it.
- some Black and White artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz
- Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest: Episode I
- plus, some helpful cooking tips for this thanksgiving. handed down from generation to generation....