captains log 0094

i've been slacking on my updates, visiting family across the usa, fun times. but i do have a new print coming out thru bottleneck gallery, you can read more info here - taking place on veterans day, and going to an admirable cause as well. thanks to bottleneck gallery and spoke art for coming together and making it happen. i'll have some copies of the print available on my site after the event as well, so if you're on my mailing list you'll be harassed about that soon enough.

also, before that, fairly soon, i'll have a few other handbill type prints for sale, a letterpress piece and a screenprinted piece. with random stickers as well, i have a few newish ones, huzzah.

til then, smoke em if you got em. or vape, for my European friends. just kidding. i actually don't know the vape demographics, is that still happening? no one tells me anything.
except -
- time travel by nate bargatze. humor.
- mall 84. classy.
- unsatisfying.
- this trailer undersells it but i found my blind brother heeeeeelarious.